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Friday, May 1, 2015

Coffee and tiredness & pre-race thoughts!

I was undecisive about my plans about joining my friends to celebrate Valborg or not and i had thought i might as well. However my plans were decided for me when i ended up falling asleep and the hours passed me by and when i woke up i realised it was too late and no point to go. Just a little tired i guess. ;) Made myself a big dinner and nightsnack around 10pm before i then went back to sleep and woke up at 9am!! Today i have no school and as it is also pre-race day (so excited, but also VERY nervous) i am going to be resting and studying most of the day followed by meeting my dad and doing something in town with him. And then out to my boyfriends place and also picking up my start package for the race!!
  I am also going to spend the day eating extra, so lots and lots of oatmeal and this evening it will most probably be Ben and Jerrys and chocolate :) Want to make sure that i dont run out of energy during tomorrows run! Even though i know i can run the distance my thoughts are wavering and my mind is telling me i cant... why did i do this... i cant do it.... negative thoughts. Worried about running tomorrow, because... what if i cant? What if i feel too tired or hurt myself or my legs feel heavy. All these thoughts. Because for me, running is different each time somtimes it feels like i fly forward otherdays after 10 steps i need to stop because my legs are feeling so heavy. But i am going to change these negative thoughts to positive ones and hopefully that will help :)

I know i have some runners and long distance runners who read my blog, so if you have any advice for me on what to do today/think today that would be super helpful :) I have read quite a bit online, but maybe you have some special tips or advice that help you!! :) I would be very thankful!!

Now coffee and breakfast time!!! :)


  1. I've run several races, and I can give you some suggestions : rest, but not too much. Try to walk, maybe do some sprints, and make lots of stretching. Eat lots of carbs today. If you are a but stressed is completely normal, and maybe a little bit of yoga may help you

  2. I'm a long-distance runner (though currently recovering from an injury, alas. I'm going crazy!). One thing that I find helpful with pre-race nerves is to think about how all the other people in the race are feeling the same way, and to tell myself that we're all working through it together. Sometimes it works - like I'm getting to spread the nervousness out over more people.

  3. I'm a distance runner :) You seem like you are doing everything right by eating a lot and resting. I know a lot of people who eat tons of pasta where they just pile it on the day before a big race. Carbs are a must pre race so make sure you eat a lot of those. So is rest. If the race is early or you think you won't be able to fall/stay asleep, go to bed early. Finally relax :) You've done all you can and you've trained for it for weeks/months. Your body is prepared and is more than capable of doing well in the race :) Listen to your body and if you need to slow down or catch your breath for a minute then do so! So don't be nervous. It always helps me to think, what am I really accomplishing by being nervous all of this time before the race? Anyways, good luck :) You'll be awesome :D


  4. Pace yourself at the start - warm up if you can. try to get into the atmosphere rather than get psyched out. you will be great Izzy!

  5. I'm a distance runner! I'm from the U.S but actually did a half marathon in Stockholm when I was there for a semester. My advice would be to just take one mile at a time, thinking of 13.1 miles can be super intimidating. I've always believed that running is more mental than anything. Your body IS capable of carrying you that far. That being said, while your running think about what your body is doing for you. How amazing is it that it can take you to so many places all on its own. I am always the most thankful for my body when I am running. Just seeing how powerful and strategic the body is.
    More applicable advice: don't only drink water. Get some carbs in through a sports drink and it can make a huge difference in keeping your energy and electrolytes up.
    Good Luck!!