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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Answers part 2 (16th May 2015)

What are the signs of reaching your set point?
If you're a girl your menstruation comes back. Hair, skin and nails should look better. More energy, weight gain should slow down, though this isnt always the case. You should feel healthier, stronger, more energy. Your stomach should work, bloating shouldnt be so bad etc

How long does it take the body to redistribute fat in recovery? 

Weeks to months. You dont really notice it happening. However it is important to remember that the bloating on your stomach will go away, but if you notice that your arms or legs look 'bigger', that wont just disappear, that is how your body is meant to look. Its only in the beginning where you can look and feel a litte disproportionate, but overtime you look more proportionate :)

Also, how many close friends would you say you have?
In my group of friends there are around 7 people. And 3 of them are my close friends, however i wouldnt call them bestfriends.... i know i will still be in contact with them after graduation, but they arent like my best friend in Ireland who i can talk about everything. But i think this is more my own problem, that i havent fully opened up and feel like there is a wall between us, even if there might not actually be.

 And how is your relationship with your mum and dad?
Its good :) I dont see my dad so often as he lives in Ireland but i have a good relationship with him. I used to always be a 'daddys girl' and i could spend hours with him watching football matches, going for walks, working on photoshop or just listening to music.
  Me and my mum have a good relationship, we have our arguments but really... we rarely argue. I hate arguing so i dont argue with anyone really and i prefer to keep my calm and not get angry or irritated. But she has always been there to help and support me, which i am so thank ful for!! I have great parents :)
  And even my step dad is awesome! He is so kind and he makes my mum so happy which is the most important thing, but he truly is an awesome guy and i am glad that he together with my mum!

I'm eating roughly what is advised for an average woman per day, and I have reached my recovered weight, however I am still this normal?
Hmmm, this is most probably due to your metabolism, but it could also be due to how you recovered... i dont know how much you are eating, whether you exercised in recovery or not etc as those things matter. If you dont need to gain weight and you keep gaining weight despite eating a normal amount then i would suggest going to a dietician and also writing a food diary for a few days to see how much you are eating and whether you should change something. I cant really tell you what to do online, but i think going to a doctor or dietician would be good.
  Also remember that this could just be your body trying to find its healthy set point. But if you keep gaining weight, then i would suggest that you try to do reverse dieting to help your metabolism recover... and if you are exercising, to try to cut down on that and let your body actually recover.

(For example if you are eating 2000kcal but doing an hour run everyday then you are only eating around 1400/1500kcal a day and you're gaining weight while doing that... then its a sign of metabolic damage.)

I have a huge problem-i can´t sit down! I´m terrified that i will gain weight even more rapidly than now.. So my question is-does the body know witch position it is in? I know this is a extremely wierd question but i dont know what to do any more 
I used to have the exact same problem when i was sick. From the moment i got up to when i went to bed i would be exercising or standing and when i think about it i think about how messed up that was. I thought that if i sat i would gain weight... but it doesnt work like that. Of course being too still is not the best thing, but that is for NORMAL people. When you are in recovery you need to learn to rest. Be ok with spending a whole day in bed if that is what you feel like doing. Resting is not a bad thing, you need to find balance in your life.

I have written apost about how to break the cycle of constantly standing.

Would you ever visit Australia? 

I would like to. But i must admit i am a little scared of all the poisonous creatures there are in the country!! haha. Huge spiders and venomous snakes as well as scorpions? Yup.... they freak me out quite alot!! But maybe one day i will visit, i would like to visit New Zealand!! 


  1. Hi Izzy, I'm the person who asked whether it was normal that I'm still gaining weight despite having restored my weight after suffering from anorexia. I recovered over a year and did not exercise at all during this time. I gained weight steadily, and at most at around 2500 caloires a day...I now eat around 2100 calories a day, and yet I'm still gaining a little weight each week. I know that you said that I should see a nutritionist or a doctor, but I'm scared x