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Monday, May 4, 2015

Admitting you are hungry

you can say: “I’m hungry” and not feel guilty/ ashamed about it

THIS!! Even when I'm decleared healthy and don't have any eating disordered thoughts, this appeals to me! I hope you could maybe write a post about it soon? :)
I don't mean that I feel guilty for being hungry or anything, but saying that I'm hungry.. I eat when I'm hungry, so that's not it - It's just that I "can't" admit the words "I am hungry". Okay, maybe this will be a bit hard for you to write about when I can't even explain it for you to understand, hahaha! 
Like, when my friends and I are going out for dinner, they're all like "OMG, I am so hungry I could eat a horse!" and "I am really hungry now" etc. I just can't say that. I am hungry like them, I eat enough, I have no obsessing thoughts, I just can't -say- aloud that I am feeling hungry. Strange thing. It just feels too wierd. It's not bothering me that much, but I find it so odd...

  Well if the only thing is that you cant seem to say 'I'm hungry' out loud, then i think that is exactly what you should do. Try it... even if you only whisper it to begin with. I know it  may seem scary or wrong, but eating isnt a bad thing and neither is being hungry. Its not something you need to be ashamed about. The first thing is to be able to admit to yourself that you are hungry... even if you ate an hour ago and then you feel hungry again, admit it. Say to yourself, i am hungry, that is what my body is telling me and so i will eat now.. not wait until my usual time to eat. Next time whisper it, and after that say it out loud. Or even try writing it down. Fight that barrier in your head that makes you uncomfortable with the thought of being hungry or admitting that you are hungry.

And next time your friends or family say they are hungry and you are as well, then say it. Be proud. Your body is functioning, your body is alive and using energy and when you are hungry it is your body telling you that you need to refill with energy. Give it a try and keep trying until you can one day say you are hungry and have absaloutly no second thought.

Because you should be able to be out and about and tell your friends or family you are hungry and then go buy something to eat and be ok with that. Because that is normal and healthy!! So set this as your goal for May, to be able to admit that you are hungry :)

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