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Monday, May 25, 2015

5 hours of sleep and new shoe excitment!

Helllooo :)

After a total of 10 hours sleep over more than a 48hour time period i have felt pretty tired today! It was around 10am when the tiredness really hit and then it was just to remind myself that i finished at 2.30pm today and not 4pm!!
  This week will be an easy week in school as i now only have one test left and that is all.... my final one for high school. Crazy! It's soon over... but i am not going to start getting nostalgic here... Or yeah i will, but most probably in a weeks time! And i also promise to write a bit more about the graduation ceremony as some people have asked about that :) If you have any specific questions about Swedish graduation or about Swedish schools, comment below and i will answer :)

On my way home i picked up a package containing my graduation shoes as well as a gold bandeau i will wear tomorrow for my class party/dinner! (More about that this evening or tomorrow!) As i bought the shoes online i was a little worried that they wouldnt fit right, so with hopeful thinking and holding my breath i opened the package and tried the shoes on!! And i love them.... is there such a thing as love at first sight? With these shoes i believe so! They are very high... so i will be towering over everyone as well as having to walk slowly as to not break my ankle. But i am in love with the shoes and its not too hard to walk in them... but i can forget about 'running' in them!!

^^So pretty ^^

Until my graduation day they will sit nicely on my drawers where i can see them and smile! Who knew i would feel like this about a pair of shoes which werent running shoes XD XD


  1. wow you look great! congratulations!!!

  2. Beautiful!! You, the dress and obviously the shoes! I hope you're feeling a lot less stressed now then as school and exams come to a close:)

  3. Wow, those shoes are so high, but you do look very good. You kind of look like a dancer on these photos, the way you sit with a straight back and everything:)

  4. They are charming! I can see why you were and are so excited. You'll certainly be an amaze with the heights you'll achieve with them (yet another moment that I fantasize about being a bit taller!). How's the dress going to be?
    - Katriina

  5. Beautiful, good luck with your graduation! xo

  6. Gorgeous shoes, and you look fantastic! X

  7. Jealous! ��

  8. Your legs and shoes look amazing. Can't wait to see your whole outfit.