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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

You can only do the work to the best of your ability

Tuesday morning and time to Rise and shine!

It is back to school today, however it's no ordinary school day because i have my Swedish national test. All the students taking the Swedish 3 course will be doing the same test today around Sweden so I am guessing we're all sitting here nervous. Or maybe not, some people don't worry about tests - I wish i was one of those people, but then again a little worry never killed anybody. But when there is a huge amount of worrying it gets a little tiresome! But i have to remind myself i can only do my best. Swedish is not my best subject so as long as i try to the best of my ability it will be good enough!!!

Onto a different topic today is 'Free cone day' from Ben and Jerrys. (I think it's international?) So if you live close to a Ben and Jerrys ice cream place then go there and get a free cone :)

Otherwise there is not so much to write, woke up feeling energetic after 6 hours sleep and I am ready to tackle this day whatever it may bring!!!

New day, new feelings, new opportuinities. Leaving yesterdays thoughts and emotions behind me and moving forward!!!


  1. "...leaving yesterdays thoughts and emotions behind me and moving forward" - -

    yesterday was a really tough day, emotionally, but using strength from your words I am determined not to let that negativity ruin today :)

    It was a big review meeting @ hospital & regarding my health and progress...from very sick to now. I kinda knew it would be tough - -but moving on and making the most of a new day is so important.

    All the best on your test Izzy! Thanks for a great post x

    1. I'm sorry you had a tough day. Remember that things will get better and you will feel better soon :) just keep focusing on positivity and moving forward. Not letting yesterdays worries and emotions stop you from making the best of a new day!

  2. Yeah Izzy, if you havent allready done your test, GOOD LUCK! Your right, your best is all you should ever ask of yourself. One day I hope I can actually believe this and stop being so hard on myself. :) x

    1. Thank you!! It definitely takes some reminding but in the end you do what you can do at that moment and that is all. Some tests or assignments you might not do as well as others but that doesn't mean you are a failure. There are good times and bad times and as long as you know you are trying then it's good enough!