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Thursday, April 16, 2015

You are given 24 hours each day, so make the best of them

Many people - myself included - can complain about long days, but you know what the honest truth is that I enjoy long days. Infact I would find it fun to have some type of evening hobby or if someone wanted to go evening walks with me or start an evening running group. Though i might just be a little too ambitious. But at times i feel like i have too much freetime (hahaha... wait, what?) and other times its nice to just not do anything in the evenings and then its 80% of the other time when i am busy studying in the evenings or too exhausted to do anything, hahaa. But sometimes i wish my days were even longer, that a day consisted of 36 hours and that i had chance to do more things in a day!!

^^I can definitely feel this way alot!

My day has been a very long day today with both ups and downs but generally a good day! I finished school at 2pm which is the earliest time on my schedule and a bit of a rarity, but as i had a group project i needed to do i had promised to wait until 3pm when my friend could join me to do the group project. So i sat for 60 minutes working on school assignments, then another 30 minutes as my friend had yet to reply and then after those 90 minutes i began wondering whether i should just pack my things and go home as i felt that 90 minutes was enough and i had gotten alot done. But i decided to not go home just yet as the deadline for the assignment is actually tomorrow (and we have only just started) - however the deadline has been extended until Monday which is a relief :) And then at 4pm my friend finally joined me and then we sat for an hour working and decided that we will continue after school tomorrow where we need to film lots (as we are making a small movie adaption/analysis) so tomorrow will be an even longer day.
    I came home around 5.30pm (after being in school from 8am until 5pm) and since then it's been So much food lately, i feel i have no structure in my eating at all lately. Stress = weird body signals as well as hormones and things like that. So my hunger is all over the place..... Need to find more structure with my eating again!!!

This evening i have also decided and allowed myself to just relax.... to catch up on some series because the past few weeks i havent been able to watch series at all and i am so far behind on all of them that i dont see any chance of catching up. Its hard when all my freetime goes to spending time with A, travelling on the train to get places, answering emails, studying, writing posts, working out and going for walks and runs... there is little time left over for series watching. I used to watch lots of series before and i had time for it, but now my boyfriend has replaced that time!! haha I am not complaining though, i watch plenty of movies with him :)

Anyway, that was my day. And now with a super duper bloated belly i am going to drink some tea and go to bed so that i feel refreshed and ready for tomorrow - for some reason i am already excited! I think its because on Saturday I am planning a long run (as i might be running a half marathon in 2 weeks time, but first i need to make sure that i feel prepared. And i am so excited to run, i just want to run now but dont have the time for it and dont have the time for it tomorrow either... so this weekend. And i just want it to be Saturday now!!! ...... You know you love something when you are so excited and cant wait for it. Long run days are the best :) Though all workout days are the best in my opinion!)

Once again.... too much talk about food and exercise. I am sorry, trust me there are more things on my mind than that but i dont feel i want to write them out here, so it turns out that those two things i.e 10% of my thoughts ends up on here :)

But if you have any questions, want me to write about anything or a certain topic or just want to know my thoughts, let me know :) I can and will definitely try write about more interesting things!!!


  1. Can you talk about how schools work in Sweden? It seems like your schedule is different most days, which I find interesting and it's different from the United States.

    1. You can read about it here:
      and some answers about sweden: