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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

When you are feeling low on energy

When you are feeling low on energy it is important to be kind to yourself. Far too many people - myself included - usually disregard tiredness and push through, keep going on like normal. But that is not always the smartest idea, of course in some situations you need to push through the tiredness, keep going. For example if you are running a race or in a competition or other scenarios where you just got to push through and know that soon you can rest again. But in everyday life when your body or mind is tired there is usually a reason for it and it's important to listen to your body or mind then.
Take a break, whether its a physical or mental break, but pushing too far can lead to burning out or chronic fatigue.

When i am tired i usually begin with trying to figure out why am i tired? Is it stress? Hormones? Not enough food? Not enough sleep? Too much exercise recently? The weather (i get extremely tired when it is rainy/grey weather) And from there - i usually know what it is that is causing my tiredness, and can do something about it.

The best thing to do when you are feeling tired is to 1) accept that you are feeling tired and 2) allow yourself to rest and take the appropriate action. If you arent eating enough, then go make yourself a sandwich or buy yourself a tub of Ben and Jerrys. When your body gets that extra energy from food which it needs, then you will also feel you have more energy. (Though usually it takes a few days of increased intake to feel a difference!). If you need more sleep, then priortize sleep!! It is so very important to get enough hours sleep each night, though many disregard this... and yes, i am very bad at priortizing other things instead of sleep but i know that i will regret it the next day or the next week when i walk around like a zombie and eat absaloutly everything because my body wants more energy.

If its stress or anxiety, then try to find a place of calm, maybe try some meditation everyday and take a break from social media. That can definitely help if stress or anxiety are affecting your energy levels.

If its hormones, then be aware that your body will feel more tired and yes you may want to eat everything you see, allow yourself to eat more and to rest more, that is what your body needs.

When i am feeling tired some of my favourite things to do are:

1) Lie in bed and watch series/films and just let myself lie there for hours on end if that is what i feel i need
2) If i feel like exercising i have a lighter workout or no workout at all, depending on how tired i am.
3) Take a long shower or bath and have a little spa session, even if its just 5 minutes because thats all the energy i have for it.
4)Drink lots and lots of tea and water!! (and coffee!)
5) Just be quiet and think, dont feel the need to say things, but just be....
6) Sleep as much as possible! Or wrap myself in a blanket and just lie like a burrito and find comfort in the stillness!
7) Listen to music and lie in bed/or go for a calm walk with a podcast/music... walking can lead to increased energy afterwards, though of course if you are very tired there is NO POINT forcing yourself out to walk. Instead, just rest!!!

Of course if the tiredness is a constant tiredness and you feel you have absaloutly no energy or motivation to do anything in life, then it can be good to go to a doctor. Because extreme tiredness and unmotivated to life can be symptoms of depression, over exercising, malnourishment etc
 But if its just a general tiredness for one or more of the reasons stated above then take a day or two to just rest. Dont feel you need to do anything, be kind to yourself.

And this is extra important for those of you who suffer with obsessive exercise. When your body or mind say no, LISTEN TO IT. What is one day or one week of rest, out of your life going to do to your body or health? Nothing, apart from most probably improve your health if you are over exercising and not resting.
Begin to trust your body and know that its ok to have less energy some days, even if its like 5 days with little energy, thats ok. Be kind to your body, treat your body right and soon you will be back with lots of energy again!

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