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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Waking up sober & some school motivation!

Good Morning!
Waking up Sunday morning and feeling 75% ok though my normal energy levels and motivation for the day arent quite there! I guess thats what happens after being out late and drinking a little. Though the positive thing is that i am not hungover and i can actually enjoy this day without feeling sick the whole time.
Yesterday evening we headed to the house party which didnt turn out as i had expected it wasnt so much a 'house party' as a mingle with lots of alcohol, haha. A glass or two of champagne and a few drinks of A's beer was enough to start making me feel a little tipsy so after that i kept myself to water  and salted chips which was a good idea!! The plan had been to maybe go out dancing/continuing to drink but neither myself or A felt like it and we werent the only ones who felt that way so we made our way back to A's place!!

^^ I only drank one celsius ;);)

This morning as A slept i put on my running gears, downloaded a podcast and went out for a walk in the forest to get some fresh air. Though my whole body felt heavy so i didnt walk so far or fast but it was nice to just get some fresh air and feel that i have left the house anyway. The rest of the day will be spent in the sofa watching films or series as neither of us is feeling super energetic or motivated to do anything other. But this is exactly what i want to do - just spend the whole day (almost) in the sofa because tomorrow its basically back to school and work (though i dont have school, i have a group assignment i need to do so will go to school anyway) and i am not at all ready for it. Infact the school anxiety and stress is beginning to creep back in, so I am going to mentally and physically rest today and just let go of that stress and anxiety because it won't benefit me to start worrying about school now.

Only a few more weeks of school left, so if anyone else is in the same situation as me - back to school tomorrow, or worrying about these next few weeks/months of school, know that you CAN do it. Its only a short while, it might be stressful now. But think about all the stressful situations you have been through before, you can get through this as well!!

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