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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Urge to exercise

If you are tired then you should listen to your body and rest.  There is no point in forcing yourself to exercise because you're most probably NOT going to enjoy it. And you know what, if you are forcing yourself to exercise even though you dont want to or dont have the energy for it. Then that is a sign that you dont have a healthy relationship with exercise and you need to force yourself to rest. Exercise should not be a way to compensate for eating. Or take away the guilt for eating.
   If that is the case then you need to rethink why you are exercising and take a break from exercising.
I remember the first time I listened to my body and didnt exercise even though I had planned to. It was in 2011 when I had just been allowed to start exercising again. And had started going to school again
   I had had a really long day in school abd was reslly tired. But I had planned to run. I had set days where I was allowed to exercise  abd for a certain amount of time. So I had to . Or thats what it felt like anyway.
 So I came home from school and changed into my running gear and went outside and began to run.  But i had no energy.  I didnt want to run. I was forcing myself to. 10 minutes into my run I stopped and realised that if I ran, even if I didnt want to, then I was listening to my ED. So instead I walked back home and asked my mum to buy a tub of Ben and Jerrys ice cream. And even if I had anxiety,  because I went against the voice in my head.  It was a step towards full recovery and by the end of the day the anxiety had passed and I felt better.

Did something bad happen to me?  Did I gain weight? No. I took a step towards full recovery and a healthy relationship with exercise.

If you feel guilty for not exercising, or skipping a workout. Then that is a sign that you  do not have a healthy relationship with exercise. And then it is even more important that you dont exercise. Even if that is hard. 
  It is not going to get easier or better by constantly forcing your body to exercise, even though you dont have the energy for it. And the fun part of exercising is gone.
  And in the long run it can cause serious problems.

Read about over exercising HERE.

So.... what to do instead?
  There are many things. I find that on the days i am too tired to exercise, or dont feel like working out. Then i have spa days. Because, well.... when you workout often, its easy to forget about things like moisturising your legs/face masks/painting your nails/spending extra long time washing your hair... or things like that.
  So then you feel really pampered afterwards! Refreshed and relaxed.

Or if you enjoy baking/cooking! On rest days, i usually bake or make some meals for the week. (Things like sweet potatoe fries/veggie burgers which i can just heat up for dinner after long school days) Or snacks which i can have for the week! 

Watch films or series. Clean your room (though maybe its best to do things that dont crave too much energy, if you are tired). 
  Read a book. Write. Skype/call a friend/family.

Do things that take your mind away from exercising, or the guilt of not exercising.

You dont constantly need to workout, and in fact... if you want to see results. Rest is important. And if your body is tired, then that is a sign you need to rest. 
  On rest days, or days where i am feeling extra tired then i infact EAT MORE! To really give my body the energy it needs.
  I am not scared or worried that i will gain wieght because i dont exercise and eat more now and again. That is part of a healthy diet/lifestyle. To eat more some days and not worry about it. Because it balances out. 
DO things which you enjoy. If you feel guilty, then try writing/talking about it. 

Beating exercise addiction is hard... its just like any addiction. But it needs to be done, because you wont  get better if you are constantly listening to the voice in your head and following your addiction.


  1. Hi Izzy, I´m still in recovery and I'm eating like 1500 calories now, how often should I increase my intake, like every week, every month? Also I'm recovering own my own, I hope you could help me <3

    1. Increase like 50 kcal a day

    2. I would increase by 50-200kcal a day for 2-3 weeks and then increase the same amount. And if you don't gain weight after a week of increase then increase more :)

  2. I find this exercise thing so tough. I am nearly at a normal BMI and have exercised the whole way through my recovery. But you could argue I went from controlling my food to controlling my exercise - I am in the gym for 4 hours or so a day but I was eating enough to gain weight...

    1. I've answered this in a post which might be helpful for you <3