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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Swedish traditions

30th of April also known as 'Valborg' (in Sweden) or 'Mayday'. It is also the day where all the graduating students put on their graduation caps (a swedish tradition) and it is all very exciting!! The worst thing though is that while you sit in the aula, hearing about graduation and the graduation ceremony and you then realise it is still 5 more weeks left... it sort of brings down the celebration a little. I just want to be finished with school now!!! These next few weeks will be super tough to get through, but i know i can manage :)

To begin with i had school until 12 where i also had my national swedish presentation, then we had a break to 'get ready' before we had our gathering in the aula and then we had free time where my friends and I went to buy ice cream before we headed back to the school to have group and individual photos taken. Then i met my dad and sister to drink some coffee before coming home and pretty much collapsing onto my bed. The tiredness is now taking over. I had plans to eat dinner with my friends and then go watch a bonfire but at the moment i am feeling like an early night and just spending the evening with lots of food and series watching is all i need right now as tomorrow i need to spend the day studying before meeting my dad and having a bunch of other things to do. Though i know i would miss out on things if i dont go... so i'll see how i feel.

If you want to know more about Valborg you can read about it HERE :)

I took lots of photos with my friends and such, but i dont want to post them here... so instead i can just look very egoistic with selfies, haha!


  1. Well don't worry, compared to the 10 years plus already spent in school, you won't have time to close and open your eyes that those five weeks will be gone already. Are you guys going to have a prom too ? -C.

    1. haha that is true :) Thank you! Its not a prom but a graduation party with all of the graduating students :)