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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stress therapy - Colouring

Tuesday and a day filled with sunshine, however mentally it has been a little chaotic. This morning i got quite strong anxiety feelings which lowered my mood and energy alot and before the day had even begun i was ready to go back to bed and end the day. But i decided to head to the gym even if i didnt feel 100% motivated because of the anxiety, but once i got there i felt alot better. The first 30 minutes i felt strong and powerful and focused and even had a man come up to me and tell me i was getting stronger and stronger which was nice to see and also that i worked very hard. That was actually really nice to hear. That someone has noticed progress within me... because at the moment i dont really notice it myself. After the first 30 minutes i began losing focus and energy and decided to just stretch and do some headstands as well - i felt i didnt have the energy to do anything intense anymore. The workout left me feeling happy and filled with energy and ready for school!!

Today was a short and unproductive day at school. One of those days where i didnt really feel like working - and thats ok. I need a litle study break.

When i came home from school and after refuelling i decided to print out some colouring sheets. I have written and 'tipsed' about these stress therapy colouring books which i found online a while ago and had planned to buy. Though i ended up not buying them because i thought i would never use them and it would be a waste of money. But i love colouring, always have and have found it therapeutic. So i printed out some colouring sheets (found from Pinterest) and then lay in my bed for an hour, put on some random Youtube videos (which were just on in the background) and coloured. And it was nice, it was relaxing. Very different from just scrolling through my phone or always infront of my computer, it's more relaxing and helps me focus on something.

^^An hours work... hahah!!

So more colouring in the future :) I can definitely recommend printing out, or buying a colouring book :) Now however i need to buy better colouring pencils!! :)

This evening my parents have come home from Ireland (they have been there the past 1,5 week - though i dont think i mentioned this because 1) its not relevant on here and 2) I dont like mentioning when i am home alone or where i am etc just incase :)) so some family time and then an early nights sleep because i am super tired!!! But first, positive thoughts before i go to bed - even if the day didnt start the best i can atleast turn things around and make this evening good! :)


  1. Have you seen the new questbar flavour? What do you think of it?

    1. I have seen it yeah :) But i am going to answer you in a post :)

  2. Hey izzy can you pinpoint your anxiety to the root? And maybe work from there? Is it generally just school? Or maybe soon graduating, body image? It's much easier to sift through everything so it doesn't feel as though the world is crushing you down :) I hope your alright

    1. Thank you :) I think i know what my anxiety is about, so i am trying to work on it :)