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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sometimes school work can wait! (&Brownie recipe!)

Something which i need to learn is to not feel guilty when i decide to do other things instead of studying. Life is more than school and school work, even if that is a priority and at times i need to face the fact that i cant do a bunch of other stuff. Though my problem is that i say no to other stuff because i think i need to study 95% of my freetime, but instead i have decided to spend this day doing other things and then if i have time tomorrow i will try get some work done. But like all my teachers have reminded my class, that this weekend we deserve to rest after all the work we did last week and our big deadlines on Friday. It doesnt mean that the workload is over, but just like with anything, taking a break and a rest can be good at times.

So instead i started my morning with a long distance run and despite it feeling tough and the first 5km i thought 'Damn why did i think i could run so far' but after those initial 5km which are usually the worst for me... (thats why i rarely run 5km or less because it takes 5km for me to warm up and after that i can just keep running with little problem.) Then home for my second and proper breakfast followed by blogging (A post about long distance running will be up tomorrow :)), cleaning my room, baking brownies, taking a powernap and then i headed to A's place :) Which is where i am now... i am guessing? This is a scheduled post so i dont really know, haha.

Onto the brownies... they were SOOO good, it was hard to keep myself from eating it all. Because they were so moist and fluffy you needed like 3 pieces to feel satisfied! Usually i make brownies with sugar and butter and all those other ingredients, but i found a recipe using oil instead of butter and decided to try it (as i've heard using oil makes it more fluffy) and i am so glad i did!! I had to experiment a little though and added appelsauce (as we ran out of oil) and had to use syrup instead of sugar (as we had like 2 tbs sugar!!), but it turned out super good.
  I recommend THIS recipe alot and also recommend doubling it :) Bake, eat, share and enjoy!

On a side note, i have also bought my graduation dress now (super excited - i hope it fits) as well as a dress for my 'dinner & party' which my class is having (i.e a graduation party which we have before we graduate) and the theme is Bond!! So i am hoping that dress will fit as well!!
  Which brings me to another point... i realised that i am going to a party tomorrow - i had completely forgotten about it as i have had other things on my mind. Its kind of silly to have it on a Sunday but i think i will spend a few hours then go. But it means trying to find something to wear to that party, which isnt easy as the majority of my wardrobe is blue jeans, black tank tops and lots and lots of training clothes (but still not enough ??XD). Hopefully i will find something i can wear though and also find my motivation to go to the party!!! XD

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