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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sandwich topping ideas

I got asked if i could post some sandwich topping ideas and i know loads of them!! Though i never really make them, i stick to the simple just butter/spread or avocado and cottage cheese or egg and caviar (typical swedish!). But here are some suggestions and feel free to share YOUR favourite sandwich toppings!

Peanut butter and banana
Cottage cheese and avocado
Avocado and egg
Butter and cheese
Nut butter and jam/jelly
Cottage cheese and paprika or sundried tomatoes
Spread and chicken
Scrambled egg
Bacon/turkey bacon
Mozarella and tomatoes
Melted cheese (can make a pizza!)
Cream cheese and salmon/chicken
BLT (Bacon, lettuce and tomatoe)
Egg/caviar and egg
Butter and jam
Potatoe salad and cheese

And some other bread alternatives

French toast
Grilled cheese sandwich
Baguette with butter and cheese (this has to be one of the most simple and delicious sandwiches ever!)
2 slices of bread with nut butter and jam
Home made pizza i.e bread with tomatoe sauce, cheese and toppings = into the oven or microwave!
Wraps with cajun chicken and salad!


  1. I ve read your blog and i just must write this - you are wonderful. thanks for everything!

  2. I have 3 more to add! Nutella & banana / nutella & strawberries / nutella & raspberries & almond flakes! My boyfriend and I put nutella, raspberries and almond flakes on a sweet version of a pizza once, so nice :D

    1. Yumm!!! That sounds delicious, banana and Nutella is a good combo as well!

  3. It may sound like a weird combo, but peanut butter and pickes go really well together! :D

    1. Haha does sound a little strange, but can't say no till I've tried it!