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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Questions about blogging

Just a (few) quick questions on blogging: how popular is your blog, or in other words, how many visits do you get everyday?
I dont really like talking numbers when it comes to blogging as my purpose with this blog is to help and inspire others and when that is one reader or several thousand readers doesnt really matter. But i get on average 4-6thousand views per day and the highest ive had is 10 thousand views in one day. Which was super crazy, but i think someone linked one of my posts or my blog on some site which lead to many clicks on here :)

 Also, how did you build up your blog to be this wonderful and organized? I'm kinda struggling with how to build some kind of base to my blog and how to get started. I just wanted to know if you had any advice on how to get consistent page views. Thanks:)

I have two posts which might answer this:

My template, background, widgets and such are very basic. I dont have that great knowledge about blogging and creating a layout and i stay away from messing with HTML and such. I did have plans to move my blog to my own Wordpress blog where i could then make my blog look more fancy, but i realised that i would lose all viewings and that i couldnt redirect the posts from here to the new blog so i decided to just stay here on Blogger :) My blog isnt super fancy, but i like it the way it is :) It's me!!

You should blog because you enjoy it and have something to share. My best tip is to 1)Have a certain topic/genre which you blog about. Because the fact is most people wont read a blog that has bits of everything if they don't know you personally. I mean i dont start reading someones personal blog if its not something that interests me, but i read blogs that are focused on either recipes or training or a certain thing. Then you know what to expect when you read the blog and then sometimes there are personal posts which i like as you get to know the blogger. But they have a focus area which makes you follow them.
  I mean people dont read my blog for fashion tips or film reviews. 

Also commenting on other peoples blogs - but not doing loads of promotions for your blog as most readers and the blogger themselves hate when someone comments and just leaves their link 10 times in the comment. I would suggest reading the most recent posts then commenting something relevant or asking a question and leaving your link to your blog (Or where you put in name/link) then the blogger might check your blog :) 
   You cant force people to read your blog, but get your link out there - in a respectable way - and if people like your blog they will stay, if they dont then they wont read again. So you have to find the balance of enjoying what you write and blogging but also trying to know what the reader wants as well!

Hi Izzy, I have just started up my own blog  but am starting to get a little disheartened as no one has even read my last 4 posts. I was just wondering if you went through stages like this as soon as you started blogging or if you always seemed to have heaps of readers? Do you have any tips for increasing your audience?? XX
My goal with my blog was never to have lots of readers so i rarely check my stats. Even now... i might check my statistics page once or twice a month, but on my homepage of blogger i see this curve and the page views per day and month so i know how many views i have per day and month but checking country, times etc i dont really do. As long as i enjoy blogging and there is some form of interaction and feedback with comments and emails then i am happy :)
  But of course back in 2010, 2011 i didnt have so many views or readers. It has been a gradual increase and i dont even know why.... I dont comment so much on other peoples blogs as i dont have the time for it, but being interactive is a good way to increase your following!

I linked 2 posts above and also some advice in the question above which might help you with blogging. But blog for YOUR OWN sake, because like i said, you cant force people to read. And everyone has different opinions, so some might stay some might not. Dont get disheartened, blogging can be tough and its not for everyone and it does take time to build a following. But focus on your content and write about a certain genre and be patient!

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