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Friday, April 10, 2015

Productivity 101

Good afternoon :)

What a strange day it has been so far!! It began by me waking up  at 8.30am with the sun shining into my room and my door wide open. As i made my way down stairs i realised nobody was at home and all the doors were wide open, it felt a little creepy. Usually my mum is always home during the mornings and days as she works in the evening and my sister usually doesnt start school or work until much later. Even though it felt a little weird it was nice as well, to have the whole house to myself!!

So after taking the dog for a short walk i made myself some breakfast followed by second breakfast only an hour later because my hunger could not be stilled, then it was packing my bags (staying at A's place), cleaning the kitchen and my room (again?), washing clothes and then a few hours of productive studying with some more snacking!!

My studying and workload finally feels under control! It feels good that yesterday afternoon and today i have focused all attention on my work so that this weekend i can do other things and then finish off my work load on Monday! Being productive is one of the best ways for me to lessen my stress and feel more in control of life!!!
Otherwise my mood is one of irritation...  everything is irritating me in some way or the other, especially my family at the moment. Hahaha. I feel sorry for them, but thankfully i am staying in my room so that i dont end up doing or saying something i regret later out of irritation!! Hopefully this feeling will pass before i meet A this evening - don't want to end up feeling really anti social, especially not as I am going to eat dinner at his parents place. So need to make sure i am feeling positive and social :)

 Now some 'me time' and to catch up on series before i take my bags and go to A's place :)

How are you spending your day? :)


  1. Hahaaa I totally know the way you feel :D I as well love that I have my term paper done today :) (had to do ir for weeeeeeeeks now =() and now the weather here in Germany is so sunny today I am going to do a tour with our Mini Cabrio :) which is such a mooooooooood pusher ;) I loveee this spring weather so much, how is it in Sweden today Izzy? ;)
    xxx Ange

  2. Haha! Whenever I know I am meeting up with someone I make sure to get some me time too. That way I get enough of it and when I spend time with people I enjoy it!! Today I decided to take a 'mental health day' and stay home from school even if tomorrow is the weekend. Haven't skipped hardly any school this year (not voluntarily :)) and it just seemed like the right decision, to give myself a much needed break and then actually have the energy tow work!
    Hope you enjoy your day!! :)