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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Plans for the day

Good afternoon :)

It's Tuesday but it feels alot like Saturday for some strange reason!! It always feels weird when you are convinced that it is a certain day or date and then you are told that it is infact not that day or date!!

This morning i woke up feeling tired but filled with energy, which is always strange as you are not sure whether you want to keep sleeping or wake up and start the day. However as the sun was shining i decided to go for a run, though it turned more into a walk-jog-interval thing as my knees didnt  like all the concrete and my lungs were burning up. But getting some D vitamin and sunlight as well as fresh air was nice! Though i had a man in a van start wolf whistling and calling while i was running which was uncomfortable as well as having loads of creepy people in cars slow down and stare.... Creepy people -_-' Its not even uncommon to see lots of people running or walking where A lives, but i guess my blue top and blonde hair drew attention to me as well as it being early in the morning (relatively early anyway!).

Now i am just after eating a proper breakfast and getting ready and am about to head home to get some studying done as it didnt really go as planned yesterday!! XD And then this evening i am going out for dinner & bowling and maybe pool with A and his work friends (so like 10-15 of them are coming), and i must admit i am slightly nervous. I have met a few of them before but just in that 'Hi-I'm meeting my boyfriend after work - scenario' where you dont really have to talk so much. The first impression of me is often that i can seem shy, as i am a bit drawn back dont always know how to start a conversation and such but once you get to know me or once someone begins talking to me then i'm fine!!! So i'll see how it goes, the introvert part of me wants to cancel the plans and stay at home but that is the wrong decision and i know i will have fun, hopefully anyway. And if i get bored because it will just be loads of 'work talk' then its just to make an excuse and head home, hahaha XD

So that is my plan for today anyway!!! On a bit of a time schedule to get everything done, as i have other small errands to run and things to read and things to buy and trains to catch so I hope you all have a lovely day :)

Below you have two recent snacks!! (Dark chocolate with peanut buter on top is super delicious :))

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