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Saturday, April 18, 2015

People ask me what i like to do for fun.... I answer running!

Hello :)

I am sorry that there hasnt been any update yesterday evening or today. Time has just flown by and blogging hasnt been the main thing on my mind. Infact yesterday i came home after being away for 12 hours and felt super tired. Relieved that it was Friday and that i could spend the evening in bed :) After school yesterday i worked on my group assignment for a while before we then began filming (as we are making a movie/analysis type thing) and we needed to film at a train station, so thats where we went.... however it was in the middle of rush hour and people were looking at us like we were crazy and i could not stop laughing! Then after filming about 30% it started pouring down with rain so we took shelter before we decided that we should film the rest another day, also the fact that the audio might not even be good at all. And i was right, you couldnt hear anything from what had been filmed.... so it's just to redo it all on Sunday. Not what i had planned as i wanted to spend the whole of Sunday with A, but now i am going to have to film for a few hours.... but there is the rest of the day!!!

This morning the sun was shining and i knew exactly what i wanted to do.... distance running! My goal was 15km and see if that felt good and if it did i decided i would register for the half marathon in 2 weeks time.  When i was out running it felt ok, there were moments which were tougher than others but in general it felt good and i decided i might as well run 18km as that is closer to 21km than 15km... and then i decided i might as well run the 20,5km route just to prove to myself that i can and so that is what i did!!! I love love love running, it is one of the best things i know.  And even if i get thoughts like...' I never want to move my body again' 98% of the time i love running before, during and after!!

Below you see my type of thinking when i am running!!!

The rest of the day will be spent studying - got soooo much to do :(
And then A is coming over this evening to watch movies and eat dinner :)

^^Not so much dry-fit??

Second breakfast after my run!

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