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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

No stress and CF clinic

Hellllooooo :)

Today has felt like such a refreshing day compared to yesterday which just felt chaotic and awful (due to mental reasons!). It felt good to take the whole day off from school today (i've had a week off for Easter break and i already need a day off ;);) hahaha. ) to just sort myself out. And the first thing i did after breakfast (well after digesting breakfast and then having a pre workout snack XD and fixing somethings at home and online) was go to the gym. I decided to put my focus on few exercises and to now focus on icnreasing weights, not so much lighter weights and super sets but time to increase weights and that was what i did!!! The workout went awesome and i felt so happy, the gym is the place i love and the place i feel most comfortable. In a months time my gym card goes out and then i have to make the decision of, do i continue to go to the same gym for a 3rd year in a row or do i change to my sisters gym (which is alot fresher and i absaloutly love that gym as well.... but still, its further away and well i love my gym!!): I wish i could have two gym cards because i love the gym i go to, its my second home but at the same time the other gym is just so damn fresh. Each time i go there i feel like i am cheating on my other gym ;);)  Cant i just have both, or is that wrong? XD I need to choose!!!! XD

^^This is the 'stretch room'.. i dont really take photos in the weight lifting section as there is always people and i find it awkward taing pictures infront of others, haha!

Anyway, then i headed to the CF clinic and i got this feeling of 'usch i hate this place with passion' which always decreases my mood a little. I just went to get out of there as quick as possible as it always brings back lots of bad memories especially from when we first arrived in Sweden and i was admitted to hospital there because of my low weight. I was then force fed alot of food and the nurses and doctors were extremely mean to me and i was super fragile at that time. I also spent a few nights there after overdosing which once again led to mean nurses and doctors and people just watching me 24/7 and talking about me while i was out of the room or even talking about me while i sat in the room, but i had no say in any decision. Awful.awful.awful. But that is all in the past!!!

Everything went well at the CF clinic and without making any changes to my CF care things have gotten better - i suspect its due to all the running and walking i have done recently. Which is a reminder why i really do need to try to fit in cardio more in my weekly schedule, focusing just on strength is great but cardio is also great and it shows what an impact it has on my lungs!! So that's all positive and great :)

When i came home i felt super hungry so made myself a delicious snack and am now sitting with tired legs and am about to get some studying done before A comes over for dinner and series watching :) Need someone to take my mind off things and to make me happy and A is the person for that :)

Onto another topic this evening i am planning on writing a What i ate Wednesday as that seems to be an interest to people, so if it is.... then come back to read that, if not.... well then skip that post :)

I hope you have all had a lovely day :):) Have you done anything special today? Do you have any positives of the day? :)


  1. My positive of the day - - having a singing lesson ; it was fantastic and really gave me a massive confidence boost!!

    Just doing things that make u happy, is all you need :) the photo's :) x x

    1. Ohh that sounds lovely :) And thank you!!

  2. Hi,
    Sounds like all in all you had a good day? Or? So great that your CF is under control:)
    Positives in my day
    -a good upper body workout
    -ate a lot of food :D Good for those gains I need
    -the toilet in my apartment got fixed… Finally

    Have a nice evening!

    1. Those are some great positives of the day :):) hahaha yes 'eat for gains' XD And what a relief to ave the toilet fixed :)

  3. I'm so glad you had a better day!

    I found this picture on pinterest that I thought you may want to post in a future posting about working out.

    1. Thank you :) And the picture was very true, i will definitely keep it in mind for future posts :)