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Monday, April 6, 2015

New Week

Good Morning everyone :) Its Monday and a new week, though a i am on my break i have already started to forget the day and date. Just living each moment and day :)

I thought i would write a little personal update as it feels like forever since i have done that, as well as my positives of the day!! When i dont get a chance to write something personal, then i dont remember to reflect about my day or write down my positives. But know that even if i dont get  a chance to write my positives of the day, YOU can always comment yours on one of my posts :)

Yesterday, Sunday i didnt do so much at all. Was out for a short walk before i headed home to eat lunch and then in the evening when A had stopped working headed back to his place. And later in the evening one of his closest friends came over who i finally got to meet. It was nice to see A with his friend... i felt like a social scientist, sitting and analyzing them. Not in a creepy way, but i like seeing how people interact with others, look at their body language, how their hands move and where there eyes wander. Its always fascinated me to analyze people and their behaviour - even if its not something i want to work with, its interesting to see people in different situations! But also that guys act so differently to girls, from my own experience anyway (I.e meaning a group of guys/2 guy best friends vs a group of girls/2 girl best friends). Not to be stereotypical or judgemental, just stating my own opinion.. but in the end, everyone is human, haha. Not even sure where this is leading anymore, i just wanted to write out my thoughts :)

Today the sun is shining so i am planning a walk to the gym followed by a workout then home for lunch and a few hours of studying before i head back to A's place! It feels weird to have to study today but i know i have to because if i dont do something today i wont do anything for the rest of the week and then suddenly on Saturday and Sunday when A isnt working and i am mostprobably going to a party Saturday evening, i will be sitting there with anxiety realising that i havent studied for my tests (the day  & week i come back) or started on my assignments due the week after i begin again. So a little everyday is the best solution, but today i am going to try to spend 2-4 hours anyway, just get lots done so that the rest of the week i can do other stuff and not worry about school stuff!!!

But like everyone is reminding me lately, soon its graduation!!! So much planning, so many things to do and so many things to buy!!! But i am excited :)

So my positives of the day today:

Sunshine, my workout (soon), a super mega breakfast (like 3 portions of yoghurt with cereal and salted nuts... my body was screaming for food this morning!), its a new week!!!

And to end this post, i found this gif set which describes me pretty well :)

Runner girls:

What boys think I do
What my friends think I do
What my parents think I do
What I think I do
What I actually do


  1. Have you been able to take further psychology studies in your high school (I know you're in that science line in general but I guess you have some voluntary/optional courses, too)? It's obvious from this text that you'd be interested at least.

    1. I wasn't able to take it this year but I'm thinking I might take a course of psychology if it isn't already in my program. :) I do find psychology very interesting and even been told I would be a good therapist. But I do think studying some more psychology will help me in the future :)

  2. HI izzy :-)
    I like your Blog, your posts Are very inspiring. I'm from Germany and it is funny to Read this because my english isnt that good. I Wish You a good Week. Bye

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you have a lovely week as well!