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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My opinion on bikini/fitness competitions

I was suggested to write a post about bikini/fitness competitions and i think i have written or mentioned something about them before but never done an actual post on it. So here is MY opinion on fitness competitions...... you may have different opinions and that is fine, but these are mine.

I have done quite alot of research and followed peoples journeys to the scene so I am somewhat aware how you prepare for the competitions and what you do to your body. And i dont personally think it is healthy at all. Working out and choosing to eat healthier options that is healthy and nothing wrong with that. But when you spend months on a 'competition diet' where you often need to eat very little as well as doing 1-3 workouts per day. weighing every little macro and often eliminating your social life. All because of this competition.... it can all be justified becuase you are going to compete... you are going to stand on the stage once when you spend several months preparing. However that is what many people seem to 'enjoy' about the 'sport'. All the months preparation... they claim that not everyone can do that type of preparation as it takes such a toll on you mentally and physically. And they are right, im pretty sure not everyone can do that type of thing, to be able to workout even if they are tired and to be super strict with their food. To drink several liters of diet soda a day and chew gum like crazy because they are so hungry........ Though it begins to remind me ALOT of eating disorder behaviour. And it is not uncommon that people who compete in bikini/body fitness develop eating disorders, or have a past of eating disorders because the competitions is solely based on your appearance. How little fat you have, how 'lean/muscular' you are, how you can pose.
But also the fact that when you stand on the stage you are in one of the worst health stages your body can be in... its dehydrated, over worked, often undernourished, very low fat procent. The way someone looks when they are on the stage is NOT a sign of health and neither  abody to aim for. Because NO you can't walk around looking like you are about to compete in fitness everyday, because your body isn't healthy at that stage. This is the thing which can affect many people (both guys and girls) competing in such competitions because suddenly they regain all the weight whether it takes weeks or months to do that and they feel 'bigger' and unsatisfied. They might even have started binge eating or yo-yo dieting or doing lots of cardio or workouts to try to compensate because they are eating more..... or some find that they cant let go of their competition diet. They dont want to regain the weight, but then their body often ends up going a little crazy in one way or another.
   The comparison and the competition between bodies is what i think is so wrong.... but also that those who compete can often be 'idolized' told that they look great, have the perfect body....  but what about their mental state? And are there habits and behaviours actually healthy? Because walking around with a too low fat procent, especially when a female isnt healthy.

I cant be completely biased though, there are many people who love the 'sport' and don't have eating disorders/developed/past eating disorder. And they dont mind the diets or working out, they can somewhat combine their preparations with their life and they enjoy standing on the scene. There are some who are also very open about how they feel before and after the competition and talk about what they went through and how their body acted etc  There are those who compete and love it but actively remind others that what they put their body through or how they look on the stage isnt healthy. And i think that is very important.

I dont think i would ever do a fitness competition. I don't really see the point of it? Working several months to lose body fat, then stand on a stage and be compared to other girls and then end up bloating lots, eating lots and regaining weight? Doesnt sound like my idea of fun. And quite honestly, i dont think i would be able to do the competition diet anyway. I have too many things in my life and i have better things in my life to spend money! (Because it costs ALOT to be part of a bikini fitness competition.) But also, i dont think its healthy for the body and mind and would not want to put my body through that.
  I do OF COURSE respect peoples choices though, and if someone feels they enjoy the sport then why not. I can find it interesting to watch and follow their journey, but i dont agree that it is a healthy sport or that it is something that should be idolized because it is far from healthy.

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What is YOUR opinion on this? 

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