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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Menstruation after recovery from a restrictive eating disorder

If there are any guys who read my blog - i know there are some - then i guess this post isnt so relevant for you. But it is something which alot of girls suffering can worry about.

Losing your period is a very obvious sign that your body is not healthy. By not having your period each month it is basically your body telling you that your body is not healthy enough to carry a baby, that you can barely sustain your own body let alone another body. The reason that you lose your period can be many different reasons - too low body fat procent, not eating enough, too much exercise, not getting enough vitamins or minerals or even at times of stress girls can lose their periods for a while. But if you notice that you don't have your period, it is important to go to a doctor. The longer your period is gone the less chance of it coming back - however it needs to be gone for several years for it to not come back at all (from what i understand anyway).

I lost my period pretty quickly after i first got it and then it was gone from about 2008/2009 to the end of 2011 where i got it once though i was still underweight and  not eating enough. I thought i was healthy then because i got my period once, however it didnt come back until a few months after reaching my healthy weight - so around the end of 2012 it came back for good though it took about 2 years for it to actually become regular.

When i first got my period back in 2011 i had very mixed feelings. I knew i was underweight and was far from healthy so i didnt feel so great getting it back as i thought - now i am fat. I remember my sister tried to remind me that it was good, my body was showing signs of healthy and that i was getting better. But i just wasnt ready to get better at that stage. I was wavering between recovery and not wanting to let go.  Mentally it was tough as well as physically - bloating more and feeling extra hungry and craving chocolate. And i wasnt ready for that.... i hated the bloating, the mood swings and irriation. The tiredness and the extreme hunger i felt, i didnt know how to cope. I didnt understand that it was all linked to hormones.

Even now each month its like once i get my period i realise why i was feeling the way i was and it all sort of makes sense. hahah. But also i get extreme cramps not every month but usually every second month where i need to sort of check out for the rest of the day and have even had to miss school because of the pain. It wasnt like this before, but for the past year or so its been this way. So that kind of sucks, but i know that its my bodies way of telling me i am healthy which is a good thing. I did not realise or understand this at first. To me it felt awful and like i was fat and a failure, but now i know its an annoying part of being healthy :):)

It can take a while to get your period back as your body needs to know it is healthy, so the most important thing:

Rest (too much exercise will hinder your period from coming back)
Eat enough and healthy fats as well as getting enough iron
Get enough sleep
Have a healthy fat procent
Be patient

If it doesnt come back within several months of being a healthy weight and BMI (which is different for everyone, some people are healthy at BMI 18 others at BMI 22) then go to a doctor to see if there is anything you can do.

I have written a small post about getting your period back which you can read:

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  1. Thanks Izzy for this useful post!

    The aspects of having a period back that I find hard, is the bloating, as I am still sensitive about my stomach area.

    Thanks for the links :)