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Friday, April 3, 2015

Long Friday update 2015

Sitting in the sofa with a stomach the size of a balloon, its filled to the absaloute max after all the food today. But its worth it, being a little uncomfortably full is alot better than being hungry!!

This post contains pictures of food and talks about food - so skip this post if sensitive to that!!!

We arrived out at P's parents place around 3pm and we began with drinks and some chocolate to snack on while the food was being prepared. And by 5pm the food was finally ready and my stomach was like a black hole after eating some form of lunch hours earlier. The food served was a mix of different things, a beetroot, appple and carrot salad. Salmon, eggs, potatoes and asparagus, pasta with halloumi and tomatoes dish, salmon burgers among other delicious food!

The food was delicious however there was so much noise during the whole dinner... a baby crying, people talking louder and louder, all these debates and things so i ended up with a headache as the noise level rose and rose. So after dinner i felt i had to just lie down for a little while and let my headache pass before i then finished the decorations on my second cake.
I was apprehensive about the cakes as i hadnt tasted the whole thing together and i didnt really follow a recipe. The results? They were ok... they werent the best cake i have made but not the worst either, haha. Thats something positive anyway i guess :) The second cake had a brownie bottom, a raspberry mousse in the middle and the top was a type of vanilla frosting/mousse. I got praise from everyone, though i was a little disappointed as the chocolate cake turned out a little dry. But maybe i am just a little too critical when it comes to myself and my baking?

Anyway, while everyone is sitting and talking and a baby screaming i thought i would take a break from people (feeling the need to just be alone and have some peace and quiet! The introvert side of me) and write a little update :) Post some photos :)

It has been alovely day today, it's nice to spend time with family! Family and friends (or the people who care about you) are the most important and you should show you care :)

So to finish this post: My positives of the day!!

Friday, waffles, family time, sunshine, baking, cake and just a general feeling of happiness!!! :)

Share YOUR positives of the day as well :)

First dress i had on... but then changed before we left :) 


  1. Hi izzy, why would you celebrated Easter day? What is Easter all about? Is it one of religious day? And why eggs? You seemed so happy, I bet you know a lot about it

    1. Easter is originally because of religious reasons (as far as I am aware) but now many celebrate for other reasons like spending time with family, good food as well as there being a big focus on chocolate (not sure why)... and the easter bunny bringing chocolate and chocolate easter eggs (not sure why this is). If you Google I am sure you might find more information. .. now a days easter is more a time for family and food as nog everyone is religious. :) and I'm happy to spend time with family and good food!

    2. Hey, I can help a little with the meaning of Easter. I am a Christian so Easter is a pretty big deal in my family. Good Friday is to honor the death of Jesus. Easter Sunday is then to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Wikipedia says the eggs symbolize the empty tomb and the blood of Jesus but I don't think I have ever heard that before.

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  2. I love that dress Izzy! And you look absolutely beautiful in it!

  3. damn izzy! don't know how but youv e become even prettier lately? bet its A's company and how happy he makes you cause you shine like a happy little star (had to get ot of my chest haha) anyway seems like a really lovely easter with family :)

    1. Naaaw thank you!! That is so sweet of you :) I think it's both A and that I'm not feeling as stressed :) Thank you again and I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. You look lovely in that dress!! :) I also loved the pics of ur cakes - they look amazing.

    Happy Easter!! Xx

    1. Thank you!! I hope you have a lovely easter as well :)