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Friday, April 24, 2015

Learn to feel excited about life

The word of the day: Excitement.

Or maybe that is not the right word, but a mix of happiness and excitment. From the moment i got up until now i have just felt happy, content with life. I also just felt happy when i was walking to my school, it wasnt this 'ugghhh can i go home' feeling which i've felt alot recently. Instead i was looking forward to seeing my friends, being in lessons and was happy for another day! It might have been the endorphin's, but ive felt energetic and happy!
   We also had a lesson outside in the sun where we got ice creams and there was chocolate and small cakes to take from... it was a philosophy lesson so we do alot of just discussing, talking, debating etc so no notes had to be taken. Instead we could all just sit in a circle and give our opinions and thoughts on certain subjects! Then after lunch instead of sitting in the library working on school assignments my friends and I decided to go outside and enjoy the sun, none of us feeling motivated to do anymore work after this hectic week.

When i came home it felt awesome to know that it is the weekend!! And tomorrow i'm going to meet A again :) I havent seen him since last Sunday and then i wasnt the best company as i had such extreme cramps and felt very irritable, so i've promised to do some baking 1) because i want to and 2) because it's a nice thing to do and felt i sort of needed to apologize for my awful mood on Sunday (hahahah.... Hormones, tiredness and cramps. Doesnt make for the most fun person to be around!)

Tomorrow it is also time for a long distance run because next Saturday i am running my first half marathon race!!! I am sooooo excited. It will be fun and of course tiring, but mostly fun! My plan had been to run a half marathon in summer but then i thought why not do it now as it wasnt so expensive (the starting place) as well as it being a sort of 'reward' for all my hard work in school :) People think i am a little weird that my treat for hard work in school is to run a half marathon but that is what i enjoy! And its been a goal of mine for quite a long time but i havent been able to work up my stamina or endurance but now i feel strong and healthy enough for it as well as filled with enough energy and motivation which is the important thing! I have gotten a few questions about long distance running and how to work up to such long distances, so i might try write a post about that once i get a chance :) But i can say, when you enjoy running that makes a HUGE difference in how and why you run :)

I am so excited for my run tomorrow and even more excited for the actual run next Saturday - but first i need to survive all my deadlines next week :(

This evening i am going to enjoy my Friday evening with some delicious snacks, foam rolling (maybe... most probably not, but i know i should XD) and series... ive started watching state of affairs - going to give it a try and see :)

Do you have any series to recommend?
How are you spending your Friday evening? :)


  1. I hope you write that post!! :)

  2. Hey Izzy! Could make a review of the cookies & cream questbar? I love chocolate chip cookie dough but I don't have them anymore :( I have a whole box of cookies & cream and I don't know I'm not so keen on it! How do you like it? Raw? Baked? I'd be so grateful as I know you love them :)
    Xxx love

    1. I've answered this in a post yesterday :) :)

  3. Please, please write about that long distance run post! How to reach that 21kms and HOW TO EAT in order to reach this goal!! :)
    Loving you blog!

    1. I've written a post about this now :) if you have any more questions or need advice about something just let me know :)

  4. Grey's Anatomy 10000000xxxx... if you're in to that sort of show x)

    1. I used to watch this before... I think I watched until season 6 or something and then it became a little too much! Haha.

  5. I love Glee, The big bang theory and How I met your mother. And of course the all time classic --> Friends :D

    Have a great run! Looking forward to read your post about running :)

    1. I love friends!!!! Even though I've seen all the episodes I love rewatching them :)

  6. I love House!! Xxx