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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Last day of April (and what i have done this past month!)

Today is the last day of April and 29 whole days of the month have passed... another month of the year almost over. Sometimes it can feel like time just flies by, that it goes too quickly and i dont have the time to actually live life. But that's not true because i have done things this month and during these 4 months as well, it's just that it can be easy to forget them because you just focus on your 'everyday things' and it can feel like school is the only thing you do.

But this month i have:

Done alot of running which was a goal of mine for this year!

I have practised on my headstands and can now mostly do them without the help of a wall - though still like to have it there for safety measures!

I've gone to a party with A.

Celebrated Easter and made Easter cakes.

Eaten sooo many delicious waffles and found my love for oatmeal again (oatmeal like 2-3 times a day (doublr portion!) sooo good.)

Ive sent in my individual project.

Gotten my graduation cap and got my graduation dress (yesterday - though havent gotten a chance to try it on yet.)

Started watching a new series with A.

Gone to a party/graduation party!

I've gotten several compliments from people at the gym telling me i am strong and work hard while i'm there. Its strange that so many people have all said it within the same month, but this month has been one of terrible body image - pretty much the whole 30 days i havent felt so good in my body and even though i feel strong, i dont feel like i am making progress. But maybe people see something which i don't?

It's funny how it wasnt until i looked at pictures that i remembered all of these things! People might not understand why i take pictures (i post like 0,5% of the photos i take daily ;)) but it helps me to remember what i do in my life so that it doesnt just feel like time passes by and i do nothing! It's started my day in a positive way to think about what i have done this month :)

And also, think about all the things i can do next month :) And also, soon it will be summer!!!

What are some things you have done this month? Do you have any goals for May? (I am going to write my goals for May tomorrow, hopefully!)

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