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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jokes about eating disorders

There is a podcast which i love listening to as what they talk about is interesting and entertaining for me, however i have noticed more and more how many eating disorder jokes that pop up in their podcast. The genre of the podcasts is training and fitness and i can imagine that there are people struggling with eating disorders who might listen to their podcast and they might be negatively affected by the comments and jokes made. For example:

One of the 'hosts' was talking about how he had lost Xkg and when someone asked him how to lose weight he answered, 'just dont eat'... and then he laughs.
The same 'host' also jokes about him being on an 'anorexic diet' because he is trying to lose weight. But the fact is that this person also does alot of drinking, partying and eating lots of food, so no... he isnt exactly on a starvation diet and also, joking about those types of things is NOT FUNNY. There is not an 'anorexic diet'... there is an illness anorexia nervosa which controls the mind and makes the person suffering not want to eat because of the fear of weight gain, anxiety of eating and other things. Its not like you eat very little and suddenly you have anorexia. Anorexia is NOT a diet or even a body type. It's those types of jokes and stigmatizations which strengthen the stereotype that people with anorexia are choosing the illness, doing it just to look a certain way or that anorexia is just a diet.

The same 'host' also jokes about that the second 'host' has binge eating disorder because he can eat alot and enjoys eating cakes etc and has even joked some time that the second host binges and purges in secret. NOT FUNNY. I get very irritated by these types of comments and the worst thing is that in general i really like their podcasts and what they talk about, but i get this irritation creeping in me whenever i hear the host joke about eating disorders and then laughing.
   It's this type of uneducated information and jokes which make people with eating disorders feel awful, make it seem like eating disorders are just a choice or something not so serious. But they are very serious and many people die all around the world each year due to their eating disorder.

I also hate when i overhear people laughing or joking about eating disorders, i always feel like going up to them and telling them that eating disorders arent a joke or a laughing matter.

I am considering writing an email to the podcast hosts, just telling them that maybe they could stop with the eating disorder jokes as they arent necessary and can also be triggering and cause negative affects within the listeners. But also it spreads the wrong message, maybe they will consider my words, but atleast i can try. We can all do our part to try to change the world and i can do that through my blog and increasing awareness about eating disorders and trying to get rid of the stigmatization and taboo of eating disorders.

^^At first i found this sort of funny but then i realised that NO, it's not funny. Eating disorders are serious and its jokes like these that try to belittle the seriousness of an eating disorder.


  1. I actually think it's ok. There are jokes about everything - death, teenagers, celebrities (who also are people!), even intelligence - and that is because every subject build stereotypes around them. The truth is that when you're that sick, you'll find practically everything offensive. Skinny people, obese people, salad, sugar, jeans, other illnesses. You can't survive without being picked at because everyone gets picked at. Once you'll realize that you'll be able to laugh at yourself - everyone else should, too.

    Besides, those ed jokes are about the human nature, not people with ed. We have different ideas and we can never really tell if we're right or not (unless it is maths that we're talking of). If people share those ideas, they find them funny. However, because our experiences always differ somehow, there are no two people with the same sense of humor.

    I'd let them laugh - we can never know everything.

    1. Once you'll > you should (that you are able)
      No idea why I keep correcting myself.

  2. eating disorders are serious, I completely agree with that

    but, as a person who recovered from anorexia i like to make jokes about myself sometimes and it isnt hurting anyone so I would say its ok.... but thats just my opinion... i mean. I like to make jokes about everything so...

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