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Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's food, not numbers or labels

What do i eat? I eat food....  I dont eat healthy. I dont eat unhealthy. I dont eat paleo, vegan, vegetarian, lchf and im not on a diet.
  I just eat food.... Why do i have to label whether something is healthy or unhealthy`? To me, its food... what im craving. I dont think about my total calories for a day... say i only eat 3 times in a day, i dont then sit and eat 200g chocolate just to make sure i get enough calories. Just like say i ate a breakfast buffet followed by 2 portions of lunch, im not then just going to eat salad and drink green tea in the evening because i ate alot in the day. If i feel that i want to eat 150g salted nuts i will. To me, i dont count calories. I think more about nutrition.
  Because the fact is, i would much rather eat a banana (even if im intolerant/allergic) than eat one of those 99kcal special K bars. Because to me, those bars dont taste anything they are just 'low calories' but low calorie isnt always better.
  But just because i think more about nutrition doesnt mean that i dont eat food that has little nutritional value... example diet soda. Yes i do drink it. So why dont i drink normal soda... thats better than diet soda, right? Because truth, IT IS. However i prefer diet soda, i dont think its as sweet... and i have gotten used to the taste of diet soda so to me normal soda tastes super weird. Just because i CHOOSE to drink diet soda doesnt mean that i cant drink normal soda, because i can. But of course, i choose to not drink it. But if i want a soda and no diet soda is available, i will drink a normal soda.

For some people, they do have to think about calories and whether food is healthy or unhealthy... but for me, i choose to NOT DO that. Because i dont want to see food as numbers, i dont want to see food as healthy or unhealthy.
   Somedays all i crave is salad and fruit. And that might be all i eat in a day. While other days all i crave is nuts and chocolate and then 90% of my diet that day consists of chocolate and salted nuts. And thats ok as well...

For me, i dont worry so much if im not so hungry one day, or if im super hungry one day. Thats just how my body behaves. Just because im bloated a day or two, that doesnt mean i need to restrict.

Something which i hate is when people tell me i eat so healthy. You would think its a compliment, but everytime someone says that to me all i feel like doing is telling them that i eat chocolate 4-5 times a week. That i eat chocolate covered nuts and salted nuts minimum once a week.
   I do eat healthy, but i eat HEALTHY FOR ME. Not just healthy in general but for my body and my needs. Because what is healthy for me, might not be healthy for others.

Also another thing i dont like is when people seem to have to make choices... if they eat healthy, then they have to cut all junk food from thier diet, and if they eat unhealthy they go all out and eat all types of junk food. An all or nothing type of thinking. But i dont think thats a healthy thinking. Its ok to have moderation - and moderation is different for everyone. For me, moderation is eating ice cream now and again, but eating chocolate in moderation is 3-5 times a week... while for others eating a pizza once a week is moderation and eating ice cream 2 times a week is moderation.

Eat what you are craving, stop seeing food as healthy or unhealthy, high calorie or low calorie. Food is food. Its energy, all types of food are needed. Maybe eating pizza every night isnt optimal, but eating only salad isnt optimal either.


  1. I've always thought that nuts and chocolate are healthy lol! But I totally agree with you! The healthy way to eat is to eat what you crave! However, lately i've been seeing soooo many articles about all that 'healthy weight loss!' crap, how my local celebrities loose weight on those low calorie diets and say how great they feel and encourage everyone to do it... And these weight loss ads everywhere! And I've still got a long way to go to recover and it's kinda frustrating. Not that it triggers me, but i just feel sorry for all them people on diets.. :/ but oh well.. :D sorry, just random thought sharing :)

  2. Hi! I really like this post. I've been obsessed about calories, macros, and healthy or unhealthy food for the past 4 months. But its been a week that I've started to feel nauseous about myfitnesspal, or macros. This week I have been through an illness caused by overtraining, and I think that this is the last message that my body has sendt to me : Stop to be obsessed and start to take this recovery more seriously. I'm ruining my life and my future as an athlete and I don't want this happen. Thanks another time for this post!

  3. Good post Izzy. It shows that "normal" eating is different for everyone!

    A random question...what would you do for a whole weekend by yourself? My boyfriend is away, my friends are out of town and also my mom is busy!...i cant think of anything to do. I know i will go to the gym and do some yoga, possibly the cinema too. Any other ideas?