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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Insecurities and low self esteem

Have you ever walked by a group of people - often a group of teenage girls or guys and you overhear them laughing and suddenly you are convinced that they are laughing at you. Or you see someone staring at you and suddenly you think there is something wrong with you or your clothes are weird or you have something on your face.

I am sure you might be able to relate to these scenarios - or maybe not, and then you are very lucky because this isn't how you should react or feel. This is insecurity and low self esteem. Believing that as soon as someone looks at you, it is for a negative reason or when someone laughs/smiles while looking at your or around you, you are convinced that they are talking and/or laughing about you. But i can tell you that 99,9% of the time that is not the case and even if it were the case, who cares?

You need to work on your self esteem and insecurity, to not let others bring you down. To not let that little voice in your head pop up and control you, try to tell you that you are weak and useless or that everyone hates you. Another example is when someone doesn't reply to a text or call and suddenly you think it is because they hate you, but that isn't the truth (9/10 times anyway).

You need to overpower those negative thoughts and change them to more positive ones. Change them to thoughts that help and benefit you, not ones that try to bring you down and belittle your worth. Focus on being more confident, feeling confident within yourself, being happy. Also dont overanalyse things which people do - unless you are some sort of detective or body language expert. But most often that look to the side or glance away don't mean anything special.

Also work on not caring what others think... try to be more free. Who cares what others think? Be YOU. Do what you enjoy, life is more fun that way when you stop caring what others think.

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  1. This is something that I really do struggle with & so I would like to thank you for this helpful post. x