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Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to use less phone/internet/computer

I got asked if i could write a post with some advice or tips on how to use less phone, computer and internet. Now the hypocritical thing about this is that i am a number one internet user. I admit it, i use my phone far too often. I spend ALOT of hours on the computer and internet each day, both for school work, social media and other work. They all require the internet and computer, though i am aware of the fact that using less internet and phone accesss would be a good idea.

I can openly admit that the thought of going 24 hours with neither of these - internet or phone/computer access makes my skin crawl and all my mind says is no no no no no no no.  Can i give a valid answer as to why i feel that way? No not really, just the fact that i like to be connected. It is  a choice i make. For me personally being active on social media and choosing to write all notes on my computer and to also be accessible for most of the time. That is a choice i have made. I could decide that actually, no i dont want anyone to email me. I could decide to shut down all my social media and to write notes on paper again if i so wanted to. But i dont want to and I am ok with my internet usage.

THOUGH i do make conscious choices to limit my access and usage of internet and social media at times as that is just healthy. Its not good to have an addiction or feel that you cant go 30 minutes without checking your phone.

So below are some tips on how to limit/decrease your internet/phone/computer usage.

  • Read a book
  • Download podcasts (Ok... you use your phone, but just listen... dont use your phone otherwise)
  • When on public transport either read or sit and analyze the other people (I have begin doing this instead of using my phone and you notice SO MUCH. You see things which you dont otherwise see and you also notice how 90% of the people on the vehicle are staring at their mobile)
  • Draw, write, paint, create jewlerry, play card games
  • Socialise and put your phone away - dont check it once unless you know that you have an important call or text.
  • Go for a walk or workout with a friend or family 
  • Have a spa evening
  • do yoga or meditation 
  • Workout
  • Go outside
  • Take a bath or shower
  • Spend some time cooking a delicious meal or making a delicious snack - dont take a photo of it. Eat and enjoy it.
  • Eat food with others and not infront of technology.
  • Sleep
  • Lie in bed and just relax 
  • Listen to music (similar to the podcasts... just listen, avoid staring at a screen)
  • Go somewhere where there isnt internet access
  • Sit in a cafe and read or just analyze people
  • Write a list of to do things
  • Study and use books for research or put you computer away
  • Write poems or a book or your thoughts
  • Go to a library
  • Colour

Detach yourself from your phone, computer and internet. Give your eyes and brain a break. Begin with going 20 minute intervals if you feel that you really cant stop using your phone or computer. And then work your way up so that you 1) dont need to check your phone several times an hour 2) dont need to check your phone last thing before you go to sleep and 3) can most probably be more social and see more things in life when you arent just staring at a screen!

You might be thinking, isnt it controversial to be giving my readers tips to stop using the internet when my blog is on the internet? Well...... I know you all love my blog so you would never stop reading it XDXD  Hahah, joke. No, but its just good if people decrease their phone and computer usage. I'm even going to use some of these tips :)

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