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Sunday, April 26, 2015

How to run long distance - My tips and advice

The important thing with running long distance is 1) giving yourself enough energy 2) training - doing both long distance (and challenging yourself to run a little further) as well as doing intverals and OFCOURSE 3) rest and recovery time.
Dont think that you can run long distance everyday, eat some protein and be able to keep making progress. Or who knows, maybe you can, but i wouldnt suggest it.

I have been running since spring/summer 2012 when i was finally allowed to exercise after roughly 2 years of bedrest. At that point i couldnt even run 1km without having to stop. I had lost all strength, energy and stamina. But after a few months i was able to run a whole 10km, however i also began overexercising and doing too much cardio everyday so i just felt tired and overworked and instead of getting faster and stronger i got weaker and slower and felt unmotivated to run. Then in the beginning of 2013 i began to focus on strength training and cut down on cardio. Focusing on strength training and building muscle in my legs helped alot with my running - when i finally began again - as i was stronger and had more endurance. From summer 2013 to autumn 2014 i wasnt running so much, i did alot of intervals which helped alot and when i had time and motivation i would run. It was in autumn 2014 where i felt all my running motivation come back and i had alot of energy and strength so i then began running longer and i remember when i first ran 15km outside! It felt awesome! With a mix of running distance between 5-15km, doing intervals to increase speed and stamina and leg workouts to increase strength it helped alot with my running. And with the proper fuel i found myself able to run longer and have the energy for it. Since the start of 2015 i have made alot of progress with my running. Eating enough, doing HIIT and getting enough rest and recovery as well as having the ENERGY AND MOTIVATION - those two things are important.

When it comes to running and running long distance there are some important things to think about

1) Your shoes... make sure you have the proper shoes for your feet, otherwise you can just cause pain and injuries.
2) Check your running technique - sometimes you use far more energy than necessary and so that tires you out quickly
3) Practise running outside - running on the treadmill is NOT the same as running outside.

I would suggest doing short runs and HIIT on the treadmill as its good to do variety and then focus on also running outside as that is harder than on the treadmill.

Set up goals for yourself such as tell yourself you will run 5km without stopping and keep that mantra and goal in your head when you run. Though running is also dependant on your form that day... somedays your legs are heavier or breathing is harder and thats ok. Its ok to stop and walk, i still do that some runs. But try to challenge yourself such as take 2-3 more steps when you feel tired, or run 100m more. Keep pushing yourself to build up endurance (HIIT is highly recommended to do this and increase your speed).

Remember to NOT compare yourself to others, everyone starts somewhere and do the best YOU can at that moment. Because somedays are tougher... somedays i cant even manage to run 5km, while other days i could run 25km without problem. So dont forget to also be kind to yourself :)

REST - Key to results. I suggest taking magnesium as that is good for recovery time as well as eating enough carbs before and after your runs. Stretching and foam rolling are great as well. Also massage :) (Running gives you an excuse to get massages from your significant other/family or go to a masseuse)

Nutrition and fuel: Very important things in seeing results. I run in the mornings and dont like to eat alot before i run so i suually carb load the night before meaning that i eat alot of oatmeal, fruit, dried fruit, bread etc and then before my run i eat something light like dried fruit, nuts or some dry oats. Often simple carbs to give me the energy i need during my run. This is my OWN personal preference. It is suggested to eat a proper meal 1-2 hours before you run and if you feel you need it then a snack 30 minutes before your run. But for me, carb loading the night before a long run is what works for me.
   Make sure to eat enough before and after your run as well as getting enough rest so that your body can recover. If you feel that you cant eat enough to run long distance or to run then i would cut down with the running or maybe think about buying some protein powder or a gainer, as that can help you to get enough calories in. Otherwise eat things like oats, bananas, dried fruit, full fat yoghurt, oils, nuts, bread etc
  Remember that FOOD IS FUEL and if you arent fueling your body right then there is no point running - not really anyway. Dont be scared of eating, you wont see the progress you want to if your body and muscles dont have the energy source they need.

How to stay motivated to run?

Good music.
A mantra and goal. If i have set myself the goal to run 20km, then i will be damned if i dont reach that goal... i keep repeating it in my head. Though of course there are times i need to just be honest with myself and realise that no... today i dont think i can run that distance or today i should just rest even if i had planned to run a certain distance. But usually having your goal in your head will motivate you.
Run with someone else.
Think about other things.

DONT think about the distance or time you will be spending running. If i think about 20km as a distance or think about running for 2 hours in a row, then my body and mind just say but if i dont think about those things and just think about how awesome it will feel to run and how awesome i will feel afterwards and then enjoy my run then the time just sort of flies by.

Also Find a pace that works for you. You need to pace yourself, there is no point running super fast in the beginning and then having no energy at the end... i know it can be tough to run slower than you want to when you have loads of energy, but it will benefit you. Whenever i run races i always pass loads of people because they run super fast in the beginning and then cant manage that pace and get tired, while i keep a constant pace and then at the end can usually sprint!!

Do hill intervals -  This will help you tremendously with 'hills' when you are running outside :) Also youtube videos on how to run up hills - there is a technique... i sort of jump/run on my toes and so dont feel tired. However some hills it is better to just walk up to save energy, because what goes up must come down... and usually after the hill it is either a downhill or just straight and those are easy to run. And if you walk up the hill you have saved energy so you can run faster :)

Warming up, cooling down and stretching are also important and helpful. It is even more important to warm up if you are running when it is cold outside, otherwise you can cause injuries. And stretching as well as cooling down after a run can help prevent injuries and stiffness the next day.

Also foamrolling is great... its a love-hate relationship and i should do it more often because it is very helpful :)

Also have the proper running clothes, if you are planning on running long distance. The proper running clothes can keep you warm, not be all over the place (i.e baggy) so that they slow you down or weigh heavy as well as they dont cause friction.

Also believe in yourself. Try running several times a week and combining running with yoga/strength training/circuits will help your running even more :) Remember that running is qvery mental, if you think you cant, then you wont be able to. Believe that you can and let your thoughts wonder, dont think about that you hate running or that you arent strong enough, because then those thoughts will affect how you perform. Tell yourself that YOU CAN!


  1. Excellent post!! It's in the late evning in California right now and in the morning I was planning to run, reading this post added even more motivation to run, so thank you!! ^_^

    1. Haha I'm glad you liked the post :) good luck with your run!

  2. Try to don't listen music when you run. Its better to learn to run in silence

    1. I think that's quite individual. .. but you're right it can be gold to run without music, but it is a form of motivation as well.

    2. I love lov love running in the forest at 7 in the evening and listening to the birds sing! There is something about it that makes me go into a different state of mind, where I forget about stress. I often see deer as well!! I jump more than them though, hahaha!

    3. That is very true :) :) I sometimes run without music and just think, but often i listen to music :) And thats the thing which i love about running in nature, when i see hares or deer or other animals :) As well as the freedom of seeing new things and being out in nature, feeling like you are flying... its nothing like that while on a treadmill!

  3. I love cardio but it kills strength training gains :P

    1. hahaha :) I dont really care so much about that, i do the form of exercise i feel like. And long distance running (as well as intervals) is my passion so i could never give that up!