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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How to cope during Easter when you have an eating disorder (masterpost)

As Easter is coming up this Sunday i have gotten alot of emails wanting advice on how to cope during Easter.

Easter used to be a time of absaloute guilt and anxiety. The weeks and days before Easter were awful and filled with thoughts and worries over how Easter would go, whether i would eat or not, how i would compensate. Then actual Easter day i would try to avoid all food and people, hide myself and prefer to just not celebrate at all. Then the days afterwards i would have extreme guilt after what i did eat as well as being so mean and angry towards my family. This however is not a way to live your life, to be scared of these special occasions/holidays. They are a time to be celebrated or atleast enjoyed! Yes they often involve lots of food and Easter is of course known for the chocolate consumption, but it is also a time to spend with family and friends. Many people see special holidays as a time of just food and eating, but it's more than that. Food is of course involved and there might be more special food, but what matters most is your family and friends, those around you. Spending time with them... so try not to see is as a weekend of food, but a weekend of spending time with those around you who care for you.

This Easter i want YOU to really try your hardest to enjoy Easter. To try some food and face some fear foods. Eat some chocolate even if it's just a bite, it's better than nothing. And chocolate won't harm you (unless you are allergic to nuts, that is to say). But if you are wanting or craving chocolate, allow yourself to have it.

Easter isnt only stressful for those of you who suffer with restrictive eating but also for those who binge or binge and purge. So bellow is some advice as well as posts on how to cope with Easter and the holidays whether you have restrictive eating or over eating/purging.

I hope this is helpful for you and that you can enjoy the weekend, even if its tough, remember that the tough times make you stronger!

Planning Ahead
In the midst of the problem however, good planning will help make the holidays a little easier. Below is a list of suggestions to help cope with the holidays:
  • Talk to your treatment team and help identify what difficulties you may expect and problem-solve some strategies for dealing with them.
  • If you are following a meal plan try to stick to it over the holidays. Try to anticipate some of the situations that will make following it harder, such as time in transit, time changes, and not having access to your usual foods. If you are traveling, plan how or where you will get the food you need.
  • If you are traveling, it is wise to pack some snack foods both for the time in transit and to have upon arrival at the destination until you can go shopping.
  • Make a list of things you can do to help relax and distract yourself from the feelings of fullness after a big meal. e.g. go for a walk, take a bath, read, visit a friend, go for a drive, etc. If you are traveling be sure to bring some of your distraction activities.
  • Have the phone numbers of your treatment team and friends available to you.
  • If you need to be at a function with certain people who make you uncomfortable, plan some ways to excuse yourself from their immediate presence. Put your own health above anything else at all times.
  • Try not to count calories and try to avoid the scale.
  • If you feel yourself starting to panic because you are feeling too full or if you allowed yourself to eat foods that you consider to be forbidden, remind yourself it is okay to eat what you did, that food will not make you fat, and it is normal to eat more during the holidays. Most people do and it really is okay.
  • If you end up bingeing or purging, do not beat yourself up over it. Just put it behind you and move forward. Try to get back on track at the next meal.
  • Prepare responses to people who may say something to you that would make you uncomfortable.
  • If you feel you need to, set some boundaries for yourself by telling people ahead of time that you do not want anyone to comment on your appearance or your eating.
  • Be sure to plan some time for yourself to do something that you enjoy. It is very important to take special care of yourself during the holidays.
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