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Thursday, April 9, 2015

High on endorphines

I am a firm believer in listening to your body so that when you are hungry you eat, when you are tired you rest and when you have lots of energy you use that energy!! 

After spending several hours sitting infront of the computer and having eaten lots including roughly 200g chocolate my energy was overflowing after dinner time. The sun was shining and i thought why not use some of this energy and go for an evening run. I had no expectations of how it would go i didnt even think i would manage to run i thought i would end up just walking because i am not the type of person to workout in the evenings - asking me to go for a 1km walk in the evenings takes alot of pushing and encouragment!!! But once i began running it was like i couldnt stop. I just kept going and going, waiting to feel tired, waiting to feel pain in my feet, ankles or hips. Waiting for my lungs to start burning, but none of that happened and so i kept going and found myself smiling and laughing for most of the run because it felt so amazing!! When I began running it was still warm and bright outside and there were plenty of runners but by the time i was home again it was picth black outside and it had gotten noticably colder & there were few runners outside. It was slightly creepy to run in the forest, in the dark and with barely anyone around. My mind did jump to scenarios where someone will jump out from the forest and start chasing me or some other weird situation!!!

It felt so good to run the whole time, not once did i feel any pain or tiredness! (The benefits of eating lots!) I havent been able to run a long distance run since my Christmas break due to lack of motivation, no where to run, pain, no time etc so this spontaneous long distance run really boosted my confidence and makes me believe that i actually can run the half marathon this summer, no problem. As long as i use chocolate and peanut butter as a pre workout, that is to say!! haha 

I am high on endorphines now and feeling awesome, though it's past 10pm and i am not feeling tired at all, so that's the downfall of exercising late!!

Anyway, i am sorry for the exercise post but i felt i wanted to share my enjoyment, because well running truly is a freedom and when you run because you enjoy it then the whole run will feel amazing and you wont hate every second of it. I have spent for too many days, hours and minutes running and hating every second of it and that is awful. Now i run the days i want to and have time and i enjoy every moment of it!! The way it should be in other words :)

^^Part of my after run snack!!


  1. what is the peanut butter spread on? mana bread?

  2. Thanks for this post! I'm trying to recover, so I've been trying to eat what I crave and the other day I craved chocolate so muuuch so I ate 150gr of chocolate in one go my mom was soo happy and me too but then I started feeling guilty and when I told people they were like "woow that's too much chocolate blah..." so I thought that maybe I had binged or something like that, now I realised that I can eat whatever I want and it doesn't matter what other people think of it.

    1. A binge is when it is uncontrollable and it is often more foods than once that you uncontrollably eat. So eating 150g chocolate because you crave it and can enjoy it, that is not a binge :) As long as its not an everyday thing you shouldnt worry or feel guilty!! We are all just humans and well, chocolate is pretty damn delicious!! You can eat whatever you want - everything in moderation. And sometimes 100g chocolate is moderation and exactly what your body needs right then :)