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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Heath is individual

This is something which is very important for everyone to remember. 
So many people follow diets, copy what other people are doing, wanting to look exactly like someone else.
They dont follow or listen to their body. 
But thats not healthy.

Of course, for those people who are very overweight and do need to lose weight, then they do need a calorie restriction... its a fact. 
But aiming to be healthy.... to feel mentally and physically healthy.That is something you need to learn, and listen to your body to achieve .

Find what works for you.
Do you prefer eating 6 meals a day... 3 meals a day?
Do you like exercising.. whats your favourite exercise type?
Or maybe you don't like exercise, that's fine ;)

All foods are ok to eat. Remember that.
Healthy is about balance. Dont restrict or deprive yourself, its not needed.
You want to feel mentally and physically healthy.. and sometimes all you need is a pizza and cola to make yourself mentally feel a little better... 
Or say you're having cramps... you've just broken up with your boyfriend, and you're stressed... then im pretty sure the chicken salad is not as tempting as a tub of Ben and Jerrys ice cream.
And thats ok!

Dont compare yourself to others, or what others are doing.
If others are working out 6 days a week, and you only have time and energy for 3 days a week... thats fine!!
You do what you do, and what you can do.
Dont feel bad if you over eat some day, youre human. (As long as it isnt a frequet occurance, then once in a while wont make a difference)
I have days where i eat loads, and then you just move on. It doesnt affect me. I dont feel bad. I dont restrict the next day, because that isnt healthy, thats compensation and guilt.
And my body needs energy, no matter what i do, or ate the day before.

Listen to your body. Find your healthy.
And dont compare yourself to others, because   you are you.


  1. For the most part I really love your blog. The main area where I disagree is when you say overweight people need to lose weight to be healthy. There are fat people who are healthy, just like they are thin people who are unhealthy. Buying into fat always equaling needing weight loss is very damaging. What about those people who are overweight that have anorexia, would you prescribe more calorie restriction to help them recover?

    I love your blog and your desire to help people. I've been a long time reader and have found you inspirational in my recovery. I also think that prescribing something to a fat person that you wouldn't prescribe to a thin person (ie calorod restriction and diets) with the same issues, is dangerous and extremely hypocritical.

    If people choose to pursue weight loss through dieting etc. That obviously is there choice. But I know plenty of people who are fat and healthy, is have good vitals, cholesterol etc. So I really do challenge you to take a look at your assumption that being overweight is bad, not healthy and should result in trying for weight loss.

    1. Fat is not a bad thing or necessarily an unhealthy thing. I have never said that just because you have fat or have a higher BMI that you need to lose weight, i dont believe that at all. What i mean is if someone is obese, then yes... they are unhealthy. HOWEVER there are ofcouse people who are obese and are trying to lose weight and are eating healthy foods and are more active than skinny or naturally skinny people and so making them healthier than those who are skinny. You CANT judge someone by their size. And no, just because someone is overwieght doesnt mean they want to or have to lose weight, that is an individual thing. But if you look at studies then it shows that if you have a too high BMI or too much excess fat, it does make you unhealthy. However i am not a doctor, i am not telling people what to do. I have not once said that if you are fat you need to lose weight, because like mentioned above there are people who are overweight but arent 'unhealthy'.

    2. I am technically (by bmi) obese and I am completely healthy. I struggled with anorexia and bulimia for years, most of which I was overweight. In recovery I got to a healthy weight. Shortly after, I got pregnant. I had a very difficult pregnancy and due to medical issues gained 100lb, even though I was eating healthy. After my daughter was born I lost about 20lbs of that and that was it. It's been a year now and even though I'm technically obese, I'm healthier than I have ever been in my life, even according to doctors. I eat healthy and exercise regularly as well as chase my one year own around, and yet haven't lost any weight. My body is just happy here and I'm healthy. Being obese isn't inherently unhealthy. Just as there are naturally thin people like yourself, there are naturally fat people too.

    3. I meant underweight when I struggled with anorexia and bulimia, not overweight.

    4. I meant underweight when I struggled with anorexia and bulimia, not overweight.

    5. This is very true :) Though the reason can also be because of metabolic damage - if you spent alot of time underweight and restricting and then gained very quickly or began binging, then that can cause metabolic damage or even thyroid problems. But like mentioned above size doesnt always show health. And if you are healthy, then THAT is what matters. :) So i am proud of you and glad to hear that you are happy and healthy. :) I hope that what i wrote above hasnt offended you, i think its great that you commented with your own opinion, it makes this place more 'open' and gives other people a chance to show their opinions and such :)

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    7. You didn't offend me at all. I just wanted to offer my story. You are most likely right that metabolic issues was the problem, from years of restricting, overexercising and purging. I just think our society is at a major disservice assuming that overweight/obese means unhealthy. I am happier and healthier as an obese women, than I ever was when I was underweight or even at a normal weight. Like you, I respect whatever choice people make about their body and weight loss etc. I just wish people would realize that the only thing body size tells us, is the size of ones body, nothing related to true health.

    8. Sorry for the fact that everything is posting twice. I'm not sure why that is happening.

    9. Sorry for the fact that everything is posting twice. I'm not sure why that is happening.

    10. Haha don't know why the double commenting is happening, but that's ok :) and I'm glad you shared your story. You are right, size doesn't tell you much about a person :)

  2. If you are fat... You aren't healthy...

    1. Everyone has fat on their body. Fat does not equal unhealthy, but being very overweight can make a person unhealthy.