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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

You may or may not celebrate Easter, but if you do i hope you all have a lovely day. Remember that this is one day out of the year, eating some chocolate or eating different food or sitting the whole day with family or not working out, none of that will kill you. Food wont kill you, but your eating disorder will. There is more to life than calories, weight, anxiety, compensation.

Take deep breaths, know that you will be ok!! Enjoy the day, be stronger than the voice in your head. YOU CAN DO IT.

Prove that you can, for yourself, your family, the people who love you and support you. And if you are in hospital at the moment, then tell yourself that this time next year you will be a different person. Make the commitment to change because being sick isnt worth it. Ask yourself what are you getting out of being sick? Is it really worth it? Is this how you want to live your life?

Dont focus on your weight or your body or calories, focus on other things. Work on loving your body, on self love and appreciating your body but also doing things you ennjoy in life. It takes time to recover, it takes time to trust your body and learn to love your body. But keep working at it and you can change your life!!!

Start TODAY. Make a change, even if you have anxiety the whole day, tomorrow can be better. Keep working to make life better!!!

Have a lovely day everyone!!

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  1. Izzy I'm so scared and upset, this week I've been eating extra treats because of Easter and I have begun being more social and was with my best friend and had a great time and all of that but of course today on Easter I feel ridiculously puffy, sick, and have the worst body image ever today! I'm just feeling like well maybe I shouldn't have ate any of that and maybe I would actually feel alright you know? Will I be ok? Will the puffiness go away? ( I'm also sore from exercise which always makes me feel puffy to ), and overall I just feel extremely triggered and upset and all of that. What do I do?