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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Face the things that scare you

One of the most valuable tips i can give you in recovery is to face the voice in your head and your fears. To do it almost as soon as the fear pops into your head.

I.e say if you're feeling a little hungry so you go to the fridge to get something to eat and suddenly the voice in your head pops up and says no you cant eat, its not snack time. Then instead of listening to that voice, EAT something. Just do it, even if you've lost your apetite. Just to prove that YOU CAN. That its YOU who decides, not the voice in your head. You need to go against the voice in your head, do things which scare you. Even if you get anxiety.

If you are standing in the kitchen, wondering whether to fry or bake your chicken. And the voice in your head says to bake the chicken because then you avoid oil, then you DONT bake the chicken. You fry it. Using OIL. To go against the voice in your head.

It is so important to do this. Its scary, its tough and it causes anxiety. But the anxiety doesnt kill you. It makes you stronger!! That is what you need to remember.
    If you are debating whether to put milk in your tea or coffee, take milk and pour a little extra. Always pushing yourself, going against your fears. Its the only way in recovery. Its the only way to get stronger than ther voice in your head and to become stronger.
    Recovery is about facing fears.

So keep this in mind. Whenever the voice in your head tells you to do something - to go run for an hour, then you do the opposite. Or you run for 30 minutes instead of 60.

Remember this and go against the voice in your head, you wuill become stronger and the voice in your head will become less, and it will become easier!! The anxiety wont kill you, and eating extra wont make you fat.

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  1. Thanks for this fab post!!

    I'm facing a fear now - - and cooking a "fear" food :) x

    1. That is awesome!! You are awesome, well done :)

  2. this is so true Izzy thanks so much for this <3 xxx

  3. I don't think that is healthy to suggest someone to eat even if is not hungry...