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Monday, April 6, 2015

Exercise addiction answer (Masterpost)

I find this exercise thing so tough. I am nearly at a normal BMI and have exercised the whole way through my recovery. But you could argue I went from controlling my food to controlling my exercise - I am in the gym for X hours or so a day but I was eating enough to gain weight.

It is important that you get help for your exercise obsession and that you begin to decrease exercise. Doing X hours exercise a day is 1) overdoing it 2) unnecessary and 3) will lead to consequences and you will eventually burn out. You cant live a life if exercise is your only focus and you are obsessed with doing it. I suggest that you begin to cut down to 2 hours a day, then from there you decrease to 1hr55 then 1hr50 and make sure to take a rest day a week. Find other hobbies and things to distract you. 

The reason you have been gaining weight is most probably is most probably because your body is so stressed and your metabolism is very slow from over exercising and not eating enough, so instead of losing weight like normal people would your body holds onto the weight and shuts down certain functions to save energy and is constantly holding onto weight as your body doesnt feel safe.

So try resting, think is this really how you want to live your life in 5 years time? To still be stuck in these routines and fears? To not be able to fully live life, or have energy to live life? To not be able to travel or just lie in bed a whole day or go on a roadtrip or other things where you have no control and no control over exercise.

Ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen by not exercising? What will happen if you go a whole day without exercise? What will happen if you go 3 days without exercise? What will happen if you do a one hour workout instead of a 3hour workout?

Trying to meet with friends or family, be social, is a good way to fight your exercise addiction because then you are forced to sit down and do other things.
When you are fighting off your exercise addiction i know it can feel tough, that your thoughts are going crazy, you feel extremely restless and can almost feel like ants are creeping under your skin due to the anxiety. But you have to stay still and relax. It is alot easier when you are with others becuase when you are on your own it's far easier to just start exercising. But find something you can do instead. Find a comfortable position and stay there... challenge yourself to sit for 20 minutes in a row, then 30 minutes, then 40 minutes. Then challenge yourself to sit and watch a whole 90 -120 minute film. Also challenge yourself to rest before, during and after meals.

It is a challenge, but i can promise you. To not have an exercise addiction, to be able to live life and do exercise because you enjoy it is truly amazing and wonderful. To feel and love the endorphines from working out and to be filled with energy after a workout and to still have time and energy to socialize and do everything else in my life. To not care if i have to miss a workout or if i am sick and lie in bed a whole week. That's life and you can't just keep pushing your body if it doesn't want to or to priortize exercise over everything else in life. Because do you really want to look back on your life and think... 'Great i exercised several hours everyday...  i have no other good memories because i was always tired and had no one to socialize with and all the exercise just broke my muscles and bones down and didnt stop my skin from sagging or becoming wrinkley or stop me from dying...'

So how would you rather live life? Enjoying every moment or stuck in habits and routines?

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  1. It stuns me every time that I stop and notice that I actually am not ruled by obsessions like this anymore.

    People, remember that saying no even once can make an amazingly vast difference in your mentality around these painful figures of your lives. I know it did for me. Usually it truly is just about that one step to achieve the information that some options are better than the ones you know the best.

    You'll never know if you don't try it out.