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Saturday, March 7, 2015

What are your thoughts about Sweden?

I have gotten alot of topic requests and questions regarding Sweden. I have no problem answering those questions but it got me thinking... What are your thoughts/opinions on Sweden? You may know nothing about Sweden apart from it being a nordic country or that there are loads of blonde people who live there  or that H&M and IKEA are Swedish!

But i would like to know what you think about the country... but also, what are your questions regarding Sweden? Can be anything such as....Which side of the road do they drive on? What is your favourite Swedish food? What do you think of the Swedish king?(I have no opinion actually!haha) etc

This post/topic may not interest all of my readers, but i know quite alot of you have questions regarding Sweden so ASK THEM HERE or leave a statement/your opinion on Sweden as i would love to know :)

Below are some pictures from Sweden/of Sweden

(all my photos ;))


  1. I went to Stockholm a few years ago, and I loved it!! :) I like how it is a city, but the nature is also very present :) are some areas of Sweden very different from each other??

  2. Sweden is so pretty-I really want to go! Do most people speak English or know it like you? What's your favorite thing about sweden? What kind of pastries do they have-any nut free ones-I'm allergic :( have you been to any of the castles? When is a good time to visit? Do you like Ireland or sweden more? Haha-so many questions!

  3. I love k├Âttbullar (?) and those pics look all so beautiful!! :)