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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tips on how to cope with life

I thought that I would write some tips on how to cope with life on general.... I am not some stress free (by far) person who has control over everything or knows everything about life. But from my own experience and life - from someone who has alot of things to juggle with in everyday life - I thought I would write some tips! And if you have any more tips or your own advice then comment :)

1) prioritize and organize
This is very important in life. How to get everything done and how to feel more control of life. Write down what you need to do. What you need to achieve everyday/week/month and look at those. Ask yourself what is most important? Your deadline in 2 days or watching a whole season of friends? What is more important making sure to sleep enough or exercising at 4am every morning.

2) pay bills and taxes on time & prioritize your money right.
The worst thing which can lead to stress and anxiety is when you realise you have no money to pay your bills or when you spend money on useless things. If you are on a tight budget it can be tough. But stick to what you can spend. Don't out yourself in a situation where you don't have the money to pay for something you need to.

3) take YOU time.
In everyday life alot of energy is exerted in helping others, doing things and being on the go. But it's important to take YOU time. Whether that means going for a walk or run, sitting in your room and listening to music or just taking a long road trip or even sitting and drinking coffee with a friend can be a sort of therapy and YOU time. Just make sure to not push yourself to your limits all the time,because eventually both your head and body will give up.

4) have goals and dreams in life 
If you have no motivation or inspiration in your life, it can be very hard to get up in the morning. If you have a goal or dream you want to achieve life becomes easier. So find your motivation.

5) don't isolate yourself.  Make sure to socialise.
Preferably everyday,but at least every week. Isolating yourself won't help you or make you feel very good. Humans need some sort of connection and communication with other people to feel their best. So don't forget that even if at times it can feel hard to socialise or you just want to hide away. It won't help you or be beneficial to you.

6) drink water, get enough sleep and some form of regular exercise leads to better physical and mental health.

7)Always try to be positive - towards yourself and to others.
Think what a random act of kindness or some nice words to a stranger could do for them? It could the highlight of the week... so if everyone could be more positive towards themselves and others, then maybe people would be nicer towards others!

8) Find your way to cope with stress and bad times.
Life is a rollercoaster which you cant control, it has ups and downs and times you feel stressed. Find ways to cope with those feelings and the tough times. You cant just fall apart or give up each time it gets tough, instead find what gets you through those times.

9) Push through the tough times
As said in the point above, you need to find a way to cope with the tough times. But its not just about coping, but getting through the times as well!! You have to keep fighting and know that it can get better.

10) Learn to say no.
Always saying yes to everything or saying yes to more work, meeting people, doing things doesnt have to be a bad thing. But when you can never say no and you do things just to please others and make others happy, then that can affect your mental health and make you tired, sad and resentful. So learn to say no. Know what YOU want to do or not do and know that taking time for yourself or putting yourself first isnt always selfish.

11) Ask for help when you need it.
It's not a bad thing or a weak thing to ask for help. It is a sign of strength to show that you can ask for help whether its to help study for a final, you have extra work, need to borrow money or because you need help with your health etc Its not a sign of weakness. Just make sure to ask the right people as there are people who will let you down in life.

12) Smile, be happy and think positive.
These 3 things can really help in everyday life. So make sure to smile, think positive and be happy as much as possible in life!!!


  1. OMG that is my favorite chocolate <3 <3 <3 #onelove

  2. Fantastic tips!! Thank you :)

    Keeping to routines (not too strict, but structure is helpful in life),
    doing things for others in turn makes you feel good,
    doing little things to 'treat' yourself (whether that is making yourself a nice hot chocolate or going for a walk in the sunshine)
    music...I couldn't get through the hard times without it!