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Monday, March 9, 2015

The bad days help you appreciate the good days

As mentioned in my previous post. Today hasnt been the most positive day, infact from the moment i woke up i knew today would be a tough day. The amount of times i thought about not going to school, just packing my things and skipping class was crazy. But also i know that that wouldnt help me at all, After the age of 16 school isnt obligatory in Sweden, however there are consequences if you dont go and if you miss too much school there are also consequences. But it always feels a little better to come home after a hard day rather than just leaving half way, coming home and getting anxiety because you know that really you should be in school.

Anyway, i've felt like i have had a raincloud above my head all day that has followed me around. Hard to smile. Hard to see the positives. Hard to feel happy. But this is just one day, and like the quote goes... even the worst day only has 24 hours. But this day definitely isnt on my list of worst days, just one of those grey days.
   Things could be worse, infact in most areas of my life things are pretty good and according to many i have no reason to feel sad.  But feelings are feelings and i know they will pass. Instead of repressing my emotions like i have done pretty much all my life, i am allowing myself to feel sad. To mope around the house, to be silent, not try to fake a smile. Instead just let these feelings be and know that they will pass and that after a good nights sleep i will be feeling better tomorrow hopefully, if not... there are more days to come and its just to make the best of each day.

These grey days always make me appreciate my good days even more. Its like times when i do get anxiety or feel very stressed, then suddenly when i feel better and happier and energetic again i appreciate it even more because i know what the opposite feels like!!!

Like i mentioned on Sunday, i want this week to be a positive week, to appreciate the little things in life. So even if i have to really fight hard to find some form of positive from this day, that is exactly what i am going to try to do. And i want YOU to comment your positives of the day aswell!!

1) Its a new week!!!
2) The sun was shining
3) Understood what we were doing in my maths lesson
4) Ive been listening to new music that A introduced me to and i love it!!! New music is the best and its the perfect type of music for when i am feeling angry and just want some really loud music!
5) Very productive with school work
6) Ive eaten many delicious meals today (I am going to post some photos later, so just skip that post if food triggers you/makes you start comparing)


  1. I got two articles published, I had really good feedback from my nutritionist today, everyone complimented my dress at work :) yay positives.

    1. Those are some great positives!!! And well done on your articles :)

  2. James Bay - let it go
    You're welcome ;)

  3. Positives of the day...

    University interview - a BIG step for me which could change my life!! ***

    James Bay song playing in the car!! Made me smile :)

    Reading your blog know i'm not alone in my feelings and struggles.

    Xx Thanks for being so inspirational Izzy