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Friday, March 6, 2015

Thank God its Friday - plans

Helllloooo :)

   Its Friday evening here in Sweden and after a double cup of coffee i am filled with energy and ready for this evenings plans!!!
It feels so strange that its already Friday and suddenly the weekend! I am glad to have the next two days off, but i will be so busy with work and other things that it wont be so much rest anyway. But atleast a little bit of a sleep in which is what i am looking forward to most :)
My school day was just like any other school day, nothing special happened. I worked on assignments, listened in class, learnt something new, tried to answer an email or two etc and i got my project sent in before the deadline :) Feels good, though now its just this awful essay due on Sunday which i need to try to work on.
  Its one of those horrible assignments where you just cant formulate the right words, cant seem to analyze or understand the information and use it properly. It just becomes one big mess... you spend 15 minutes writing only to delete it all in a matter of seconds. -_- But i am not going to bore you with my school work :)

Instead onto other topics.... Bad body image day today!!! For some reason my stomach is full on bloating today. Its painful, very bloated and been making weird sounds all day.... I definitely think its the lactose from yesterday :( A very uncomfortable feeling. Its made me not so body confident and felt awkward and a bit like a walking rectangle.... ive felt in the way and like im 'too big'.. And yes, its just feelings. They will pass. I sure hope this uncomfortable feeling in my stomach will pass anyway, but i am sure it will.
  However i am not going to let these feelings get me down and stop me from going out for dinner tonight. Not feeling super good in my body or appearance, infact i feel like i could point out 100 flaws within myself right now. See everything that is wrong with myself and my appearance but instead, its important to take a deep breath and say 3 positive things about myself... which is exactly what im going to do, even if i dont feel so super confident right now. But Fake it till you make it!!

After straightening my hair it looks pretty good :)
My legs are looking good in a skirt ;) (hahahah)
I have energy
I feel happy
The bloating will pass!!!! Im wearing a loose fitting top which is much more comfortable when im bloated :)

Positivity and changing your thoughts!!! 

This evening i am going out for dinner with A - we havent booked a table so we'll just wander around in town and see where we go :) But its going to be nice, i always feel so happy and excited to see him even if i saw him last time Wednesday!!! :) Its a nice feeling to feel happy and energetic and WANT to go out in the evenings. Usually i am the type of person who would much rather watch a film or series in my room on a Friday night but now its fun to do other things... though of course watching a film and eating snacks with A is just as good as going out and doing something!!

How are you spending your Friday evening? :)
^^I am sucking in my stomach so much in this picture, dont be fooled ;)


  1. Hi!
    You look absolutely beautiful :) And as you know no one else sees the bloating even though you feel it.
    Enjoy your evening! And good luck with your essay!
    I spent my evening studying (as always) and now some tv series before bed :)

    1. Thank you :) that's so sweet of you!! And you are right about the bloating!

  2. Can I ask, how tall are you?? I just love the skirts you use but I don't know if they would look good on me because It seems like you are really tall and I'm not that tall. Thanks :D

  3. Can I ask, how tall are you?? I just love the skirts you use but I don't know if they would look good on me because It seems like you are really tall and I'm not that tall. Thanks :D