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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Brunch-Day

How to make your Sunday extra special? Go for brunch, because lets admit it... who doesnt want to have their food already cooked for them and all you have to do is choose and eat? Plus pancakes or waffles on a Sunday is almost obligatory :)
   As A slept late today and i sat and half worked on my school assignments i felt like I wasnt going to get much done and instead, my mind was wandering towards brunch. Thinking how nice it would be, so when A woke up the first thing i asked was if he wanted to go for brunch. What guy (Or person?) says no to that?! The buffet didnt open until 12pm so we waited hungrily for the time to pass until finally the restaurant was opened and we could take some places and begin eating!

I've been to the brunch before and i really liked it, this time was not a disappointment either. Bread, fresh salmon, salads, different cheeses, different rice and pasta dishes, different meats to choose from. As well as eggs, fried halloumi and a dessert table including waffles!
  So much to choose from, wanted to pile my plate high and eat lots! Though by the time it came to dessert my stomach was already filled with so much goodness. But I had to fit in a waffle and try some of the cake anyway! I mean, thats what i was paying for right?

After that we drove back to A's place and let the food digest, which took a very long time as i had really expanded my stomach! We even watched the film Taken 3 though i give it a 2/5 or a 1.5/5 Not good at all in my terms... infact i got a little irritated while watching it and just wanted it to be over!! XD Hate those types of films, though i did like Taken 1 and 2, but the third one was a bit of a failure!

Home again now, and my 5 hours sleep is really taking its toll on me. So going to eat a huge breakfast for dinner before i sleep because tomorrow its a new week with lots to do!!! XD

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend :)  How is the weather in your country at the moment? After 10-15 degrees and sun its begun snowing and -5 degrees . Not a nice change at all, haha. I thought it was spring time!


  1. Haha, I don't live in Sweden, but can relate to that image! I'm in Boston. It snowed the past two days again, super windy today. wore a dress and tights...haha, not the best day for that. hoping it gets warm one day soon.

    1. Its so hard to know what to wear at the moment!!! Hopefully the weather will get better soon though :)

  2. You eat breakfast for dinner??And did you eat already sth before you both went to the brunch? Just curious!

    1. It was just on Sunday i did that as i was craving breakfast food :) And i had eaten a little as i had been out for a walk before hand. But A hadnt eaten anything before the brunch :)