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Monday, March 23, 2015

S'mores questbar review

I got asked if i could write a review over the new Questbar S'mores flavour so i thought that was exactly what i would do.

So to begin with, there was alot of hype over this flavour, because lets admit it... who wouldnt want to eat smores/smores flavour in a bar? If the bar was going to taste anything like Cokie dough or Cookies and Cream i knew i would love it. However i was slightly disappointed when i did try it.
   The consistency is not the same as the flavours with chunks and its not the same as those harder ones like (peanut butter and chocolate, peanut butter and jelly, brownie). It has a new consistency which is almost a little crumbly.

Does it taste like smores? Not really, it does have chunks of biscuit in it and there is a slight taste of chocolate. There is also the marshmallow-y taste which of course makes a S'more!! However the bar is a little sweet and a weird type of sweet as it has sweetners instead of sugar. And sweetners can cause a weird aftertaste and leave some people feeling sick, so you might get an aftertaste and if you are sensitive to that.

After the first bar i thought... will i even manage to eat the whole box? And the answer is yes, because it does get better. The second one tasted yummier and the third time i tried ti i actually liked it alot more. So then eating the other 9 wasnt so hard.
   I even made small biscuits out of them which is delicious to do as well.

So my recommendation - dont buy a box at once. I would buy 2-3 of the flavour if you want to try it and see if you like it. Maybe try bake it or make cookies out of it or even make actual smores out of a bar!!

Consistency: Kind of crumbly
Taste: A little too sweet and not really what you expect
After taste: I didnt have any after taste, so cant really say.
Rating: 3/5    Not a favourite but yeah, i will buy and eat it again at random times :)

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