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Friday, March 20, 2015

Sleep most of the day followed by a bout of energy

Personal update time!!

So how am i feeling? Well after a seriously awful night where all my joints in my body hurt i.e i couldnt put any weight on my legs because my knees, hips and ankles hurt so much and breathing made my lungs burn and my back, shoulders and neck burned like hell i felt pretty scared during the night. Worried about what was happening in my body, why all of a sudden it felt like all my joints had become inflamed and burning. But i managed to slowly stumble down the stairs, drink some water, take a painkiller and somehow make my way back up stairs and fall into bed. Woke up and my body felt a little better, still stiff and painful and making my way up and down the stairs took its time. Feeling like an 80 year old who had been run over by a train.

However, now my stomach pain is mostly gone and i have actually felt hungry. My diet of chocolate, pancakes and tortellini pasta from yesterday has instead been chicken and casein, the two things i have been craving like crazy today. Chicken with lots and lots of salt & some sweet and sour sauce. Ive already eaten way too much of this today but i still want more! 

For most of the day i spent it in bed watching youtube clips, watching 20 minutes of a film only to feel bored and switch film and so it continued until about 4pm when i was craving an energy drink. So i drank one and suddenly SO MUCH energy and i felt so much better - whether it was false better feelings or not. It felt great. I cleaned my room, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned my skin, straightened my hair and just feel so much better. My body no longer aching, my stomach no longer painful and i had energy!!!

So far still feeling good, though i am not going to risk anything too soon. So the weekend will still be spent resting and maybe Monday i will be back to the gym again after a week away! -_- But because i have felt pretty awful i havent missed the gym (Its then i know i am sick, when i dont miss the gym XD)

This evening i even felt good enough to eat dinner with my family (NOTE: at first i wrote: Eat family with my dinner - hahaha, just a little tired XD) which was tacos. And my mum even bought me chocolate and cola zero - she knows how to make me happy! So that is what i am munching on now before i go to bed and hopefully feel better tomorrow as well :)

Hopefully back to blogging now - though emails arent really a prioritiy at the moment as i have so much school work, but i will try my best to atleast answer comments from now on :)


  1. What on Earth did you do yesterday to make you wake up that way? Are you going to see a psysician? I guess the text dramatizes the symptoms as you didn't sound as stunned as I am, though! I've just never heard of such fenomenon, or is it one of those cf things that I just can't recall?

    1. It was pretty scary and shocking, if anything I am downplaying the pain in the text. No idea what it was/is and whether it's CF related or not. Though my mum thinks I might have some infection and inflammation in the body which is affecting both my lungs and joints. If it doesn't get better I will go to a doctor :)