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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Reminder: Never feel guilty for eating more

One of those tricky things which many people struggle with is, When is it ok to eat more?

And the answer to this is when your body(stomach) says that it needs/wants more, but also sometimes food just tastes so amazing that you know, you will regret it and just think about what you missed out on if you don't eat more despite your stomach almost being completely full.

We are all humans and humans like food. And some food is more delicious than other food. Sometimes you find yourself in situations where you are feeling slightly full but the food you just ate was so good that your mind is telling you that you want more, as well your taste buds, though your stomach might say no. Or your stomach might be the one saying yes, because it is still hungry but your mind is saying no. Whatever the case is.... go take more.
  Eating a little more of something wont harm you in anyway, it wont suddenly make you gain weight. However if you are already feeling full it can make you feel even more full - so if you have the option why not ask if you can take home? (I.e if you are at a restaurant or party etc)

There are plenty of times when for example i have baked bread or made a super yummy dinner/lunch for 4 people (and its only me eating) then i might end up eating a little more after i am full, just because it tasted soo good. As long as it's not an everyday/every meal kind of thing - where you go back for more all the time. Then dont worry about those random times when you do eat more. You should never feel guilty for eating more.

Especially not if your body is calling out for more food. Hunger is a sign that your body wants food and energy. So then you have to give your body energy and that is not something you should feel guilty for.
What is "normal eating?" by JDS


  1. Hi Izzy!
    Good post! Just wanted to add to the end that it is always okay to eat more if you know that the first plate wash´t enough. I myself have the habit of knowingly taking too little food first. Then it´s always good to get some more :)

    1. Yes exactly :) and also to know that you need to trust your body. You don't need approval from anyone else whether to eat more or not!! :)

  2. I am slowly learning to listen to my body...

    It's hard when I am on a set meal plan & keeping to it - - but also trying different foods, not thinking about the clock so much and if I feel 'hungry' or want an extra snack/ bigger snack.

    I think it will take some time. x

    1. Good for you!! It will come with time :) just take leaps of faith and have faith in yourself!

  3. this is a great post Izzy - i still feel guilty if i eat more than others - such as family or my boyfriend. I can sometimes get angry if my boyfriend tells me he didnt eat a lunch as i feel like i will get fatter than him as i ate a lunch. i know its silly and i try to fight it.

    1. Amy, I feel the same way :(
      I have been like that for years... I don't know how I will ever fix it :(

    2. I know it's silly, we need to get better :(