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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Positive and energy filled day

Despite today being a very long day and being away from the house for 12 hours, today has been a positive and energy filled day! For some reason i have been filled with energy all day and it has felt so good, to not even feel tired after my test. Definitely a nice feeling :)

Despite having thoughts of I want to go home, i dont want to write this essay, can i just skip the essay? i went into the exam room and thought... all i can do is my best. I wasnt feeling confident or prepared but i sat and wrote something anyway, and that is better than nothing. I tried my best at that very moment in time and that is what matters. Now the test is over and it's just to move on with my life, which is exactly what i am doing :)

A strange thing happened today in school.... There was an experiment going on in one area of the lunch room where the creators of the Mando Meter and some staff from Mando (who i recognized and even my dietician) where there and they were filming some students while they ate on a Mando meter. All my friends were wondering what it was, what was going on... and secretly i knew what they were doing, sort of anyway. I dont know the full research, but i know what the Mando Meter is, i know how its used and i am pretty sure i know why they were testing it and filming the students. It lead to some weird feelings as well as i saw my dietician people i knew from Mando. I wanted to go up to her, because even though i hated my dietician while i was at Mando she is a really nice person and i did get to like her, but i didnt know what i would say and i didnt want my friends to wonder why i talked to her. But like i mentioned, the whole thing... seeing the Mando Meters, thinking about Mando.... it left me with some weird feelings which i cant quite put words to. But i think its good that they are doing more research anyway, whatever the research might be :)
     It did get me thinking about Mando though, i am going back there in autumn and it will be my 3 year check up and after that i only have 2 more visits - once in 2016 and once in 2017 and then i will be off there list of patients :) As they have a 5 year check up plan after being declared healthy to make sure that the patient doesnt relapse :)

Anyway, some random thoughts. This evening it felt so good to lie in bed and watch some series which is how i am going to continue my evening as tomorrow will be a super hectic/busy day - but more about that tomorrow :)

I hope you have all had a lovely day!!! SOon the weekend!

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  1. What an odd thing that was with the Mando hassle. I remember a similar situation as out gym class went swimming and I had to share the dressing room with my former dietician. Obviously it wasn't comfortable as she was one of those who believed that calling me names would have suddenly made me rational when the times were worst. The swimming thing was after recovery but I couldn't help but to want to escape.