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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pancake snacking

Thursday and one of those never ending days!
   I can barely remember the beginning of my day.... hahah, that was how long ago it was! Though i do want to mention one thing, when i was at the gym this really weird man - i have seen him once or twice before, he is older and very weird and he has looked at me alot which has made me feel uncomfortable but i have just moved, because i havent really bothered to go up to him and tell him to stop staring. But today he came forward to me and said 'I shouldnt be strength training or using such heavy weights, its not good for girls'. I was so shocked that i just laughed and said strength training is for everybody. And then plugged in my music and began working out again.... His comment baffeled me alot! But thats his opinion, doesnt mean i agree with it or plan to listen to him.

Anyway my day continued with school and then instead of my last lesson i went to a museum with my science class as we are doing evolution and we saw a film about evolution as well as looking at the exhibitions about evolution. There was some new fascinating information learned, but also the movie was in 3D which was pretty cool :)

After that it was time to go home feeling tired and low energy. By the time i came home i had been awake for 12 hours and i had last eaten way too many hours ago, so food and energy was much needed. Infact it was good that nobody was at home when i arrived because i was in that hangry state where if anyone even said hi to me i could so easily be rude, angry and mean because i needed energy so badly. So i quickly made pancakes, yoghurt with granola & nuts and coffee. Simple, delicious and filling!

This evening its trying to study as tomorrow its my individual project second draft final #slightlystressed

And then rest and sleep!!! Because tomorrow its Friday and i have no idea what my plans are, but im up for anything i.e movie and snacks, out for dinner, home to sleep, something else!!!

^^New washed hair is always nice!

Daisy sitting and waiting for me to pet her when i come home :):)
Such a cute welcome :) 


  1. YUM!!! You are the queen of snacking! You don't play around I Love it!!

    1. Hahah no I definitely don't XD I love snacking and it's always nice when the snack looks extra good!!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! I like breakfast food snacks! I'm going to have oatmeal and fruit with chocolate tonight for snack I think :) I'm studying this evening too. But already so tired from the day might have to watch a bit of series first :)

    1. That sounds delicious :) good luck with all your studying!!

  3. Hur gör du dessa pannkakor? // how do u do these panncakes? looooks amazing! ;Dvyummi

  4. Izzy I'm super filled with anxiety because im sick and weak and have strep throat so I can't workout until I'm better ( been three days ) and I'm terrified I'll puff up or something. Will I be ok? Do I eat less? I don't Want my body to change