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Thursday, March 12, 2015

My morning routine

After spending roughly 20 minutes trying to think of something to write and no creativity or words hit me i decided... i would just write about my morning routines, and hope that creativitiy strikes, otherwise this will be a boring blog day :) hahah

To begin with, when my alarm rings i pretty much always need 5 minutes snooze. So now i always set my alarm 5 minutes before i actually need to get up so that i can have those 5 minutes, and if i feel i dont need them, well then i have 5 minutes extra in the morning :)

   Then first i drink a glass or two of water followed by making myself  a coffee. Then i go back up to my room and put on my clothes, pack my bag and gym things if i'm going to workout.

Then if necessary i do a quick 5 minute clean up of my room - if i have clothes lying on my floor from the previous day or things standing everywhere. Then i make myself breakfast, bring it up to my room and eat, put on my computer and begin looking at my blog, Tumblr, facebook, emails. Look at my schedule for the day, see if anything new has changed i.e no lesson, or see what is happening in school for the day.

  Then i begin writing posts - and it's this that takes about an hour each morning as it's the morning i try to write my posts for the days so inbetween 2-4 posts i can manage. But if i write long ones where my creativity is flowing then i might just manage 1 or 2 posts. However some mornings - like today - i spend 30 minutes just trying to find inspiration and creativity, thinking what should i post for the day!!

Then when i am done with all of that - or most of the time i am not actually done its just that i only have 10 minutes before i have to leave so then i quickly rush to put on make up, brush my hair, brush my teeth. Quickly check that i have everything in my bag for the day, and then rush out the door.
   Really i should give myself an extra 10 minute buffer in the morning because some days i want another cup of coffee, or i cant find my earphones or indecisive about which clothes to wear etc so that can cause lateness sometimes!!!

So there you have my usual school morning routines :)
What is YOUR morning routine? Breakfast before or after you get dressed? Do you need a long time or short time in the morning? For me personally all of this ^^^takes 90 minutes XD hahaha


  1. My morning routine consists of getting up early, (I am an early bird!). Then after a shower and breakfast, whilst watching the news, I check all my online things.

    Then I walk the dog/ jog with doggy and the rest of the day is pretty changeable...dependant on what is happening.

    Routine is good & keeping busy is good - - but nothing too restrictive! :)

    1. Having a routine in the morning can definitely be good, but then the rest of the day can be more free, depending on work, life, school etc :)

  2. I get up at 06:45, put on my clothes, go to the bathroom and wash my face. Then I go to the kitchen and prepare my breakfast and eat it slowly while I talk to my sister and (if he's home) my dad. I'm usually finished around 07:30. Then I go to the bathroom again and put on makeup and maybe straighten my hair if it's a mess ;) Then I gather my school books and computer and my school lunch (prepared the night before to save time in the morning), and leave the house between 08:05 and 08:10 and walk to school about 1,8 km. but I almost never arrive on time :p haha :)

  3. 6:30 is my time for getting out of the bed, washing my face and brushing the hair. I put my breakfast together and swallow it around seven. Then comes the dressup and a quick makeup, packing and oral hygiene and hit the road approximately at 7:45.

    I've heard that I'm the only one getting up that early. I'm not even a snoozer! I used to wake up at 6:13 and still be hurrying every morning, for some unreal reason it has been better off this present way.