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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Living life

Wednesday and 3 out of 5 school days are now over :) Though thats not how i want to see life... not just a bunch of school days. But different, unique days where i appreciate the ups and downs!
Today has been one of those super days!! I already knew it would be a good day because i didnt have my last lesson so i finished at 14.40 and i was going to meet A today! So after a relatively short day in school, or it felt short because i finished so early (otherwise i finish around 4most days and start at around 8am)! Then A met me at my school and got to meet a few of my friends before we headed into town and wandered around in the sunshine for a while before sitting in a cafe for a while with something to drink. Then we decided that we might as well eat at a restaurant/bar and then play pool, as i have wanted to get my revenge since our second date!! So then we headed to where the restaurant/bar was and sat and ate dinner, and mine was sooo good and super filling as well, it was like 3 plates of food & nachos as starters :)
   Then feeling overly full we played pool where i finally got my revenge and i can proudly say that i was 3 out of 4 matches :) hahah Though it was mainly due to luck and not so much talent...  When i was younger i was ok at pool, but not as good anymore!!!

Then we wandered home and i am just after coming home and realising i have been away from home for 14,5 hours today!!! And even though i felt tired when school ended and thought... i just want to go home, spending time with A made me so happy and energetic - the way it should be. Not once did i look at the clock and think i want to go home or think, i have to go home and study which i can quite often do. Instead, everything else sort of goes out of my head..... which might be the reason why i almost tried to go up a 'downwards' escalator as well as hitting my head on the pool table among other tired and embarrassing things i did today!! But we can just laugh at those things :)

Tomorrow i have a super big science test which i only began studying for on Tuesday -_-' I really should have studied this evening but i choose to live life and do fun things instead of just sit home and study, life is so much more than school and studying and since meeting A my stress levels havent been as bad as i have realised that i can still get things done on time as well as doing other fun things. That i dont need to spend every waking moment trying to do something productive or study. So that's good :)

Now however, i want to just relax for the evening so going to watch a series and eat a night snack before i go to bed :) So i hope you have all had a lovely day :):)

Considering the top i was wearing i felt that my regular pose was a must!!


  1. Short school days are the best! I know I am always in a happier mood when I know I will not be lagging at school all day long. Plus, a date afterward?! How fun! You guys sound like the cutest couple.

    That was one of the greatest things for my personal recovery… an interest in boys again! Now I am kind of boy crazy haha.

    PS: did you get my email? I would love to do a guest post on your blog and share my story. I know I share my story on my blog, but I would also love to give your readers hope that you can recover as well! Let me know sweet Izzy! :)

    1. Yes they definitel are the best :) hahaha, yes.. boys and dating, its a good motivation to recover to start getting those feelings and thoughts back! :)
      Im sorry i havent had a chance to read your email yet - i'll try do that today, but that would be awesome if you want to write a guest post :) Its just to email me and i will publish it :)