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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Life changes in unexpected ways - thought post

Something which i found myself thinking about this morning was how life is always changing and in unexpected ways as well. You cant control life and some changes seem so scary and you dont want to face the changes but they can turn out really good!! I remember how i felt when i found out that we were moving to our new apartment at the start of December and from those of you following me since then, you will know that i experienced alot of stress and anxiety before that change. It wasnt a change i wanted to make or was fully prepared for, it didnt help that i had so many other things to think about at the time. But i have realised that i always have 101 other things to think about, and that isnt going to change. I am someone who loves having things to do and so my mind is always going, thinking and working. But what i wanted to write was that moving apartment was a change which scared me but now several months later, i cant even remember how it felt to live in the old apartment. I love where we live, most days anyway. There is alot of building going on around that area so it does look a little bit chaotic, but i like my room - mostly and the house. Things settled and turned out for the best. You arent always ready for changes but they happen anyway.

Its like when things happen in life and you think, there is no way i can get through this. There is no way i can fight through this or keep going. But YOU CAN. You might not always believe it, but then you just have to keep going anyway. Because you can get through the tough times, you can face your fears, you can learn to live with changes. Think about people who have to amputate an arm or leg or end up paralyzed or disabled. That wasnt a change they were ready for or wanted to happen to them. But they survive, they keep going. Just like when people become sick with cancer, tumors, and other illnesses. They keep fighting, even if its tough. And its the exact same thing you have to do. There are always changes in life, some changes are uncontrollable, some changes you can prevent from happening. But life is always  changing in different ways and things that seem awful and bad can turn out to be really good. They can have a positive influence and impact on your and your life, you just have to give it time.
  Because at first when change happens its not always the most comfortable thing, such as if you move country. The first few weeks you might feel lonely, not know where to go or what to do or who to talk to. But give it time and you might find that you settle in and enjoy your life in the new country. Or when you get a new job you might feel a little confused and find it hard to settle in, but once again give it time and it might turn out for the better.
Learn to accept and embrace change! So much change has happened in my life, if someone had told me back in 2011 or 2012 my life would be like this right now - that i would be sitting in my boyfriends apartment, writing a blog post for several thousand readers and munching on crisps with dip and drinking coffee i would have laughed. There was no way that 1) i would have a boyfriend 2) be able to sit still 3) eat crisps and dip 4) still be blogging and actually have this amount of readers.

But life changes, even if you dont notice the changes. Not all changes are good, but you can make the best out of them. You can make them good!!!

This is your reminder that if you are about to face a change or go through something that gives you anxiety or scares you, know that you will be ok. I believe that everything happens for a reason, even if its hard to believe it at the time. But everything you go through and experience is what makes you YOU. It makes you stronger and the person you are.
  Know that you can get through whatever it is you are going through right now!! Embrace change, know that change is good and happens for a reason.


  1. Change is so scary. But, If I look back at my recovery journey so far - I am amazed at how I have got to where I am now & so much has changed in my life - -its empowering really to think about it!! :)

    Change is necessary.

    Thanks for an awesome blog post! Xx

    1. Exactly!! You should be so proud of yourself, over what you have overcome and achieved! Change is a necessity in life, even if its scary!