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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's a new day with new opportunities

Thursday morning and a new day is calling!!! 

Or something like that anyway :) I am just happy it's a new day and that soon it's the weekend! But i am not going to think that way, instead think of the positives of today - its a good way to start the morning!

Today i have a Swedish test which i have been aware about for 2 weeks or so and i am just ready to have it over with. Going to do lots of preparation today as the 'test' is an analytical essay which we have 2 hours to write which really isn't alot of time to write an essay. When i do my national Swedish test in a few weeks time i will have 4-5 hours to write the essay! If you have ever tried writing a proper essay in 2 hours you will realise just how hard it is... for me i usually need a few days so that i can write the essay, then edit it, leave it a day or so, go back and fix and change and edit again. But of course, as you have so little time to write there are more exceptions and allowances about grammar and structure as well as maybe having a few loose threads, but really it should all be well thought out and nuanced! Just some school babbling!
  But once this test is over, its just to begin studying for my next tests - french and maths and not to mention my other essay deadlines and presentations. As you can tell next week is going to be a hellish week! But the thing is, i dont feel so stressed about it? I feel like i have things under control, mostly.... and it's a nice feeling. It's mostly this test today i am worried about, so i feel once it's over... i will feel less stressed and more in control!!

Anyway, to start off this long day where i will be in school from 8-5pm i made something so simple, yet delicious (which i havent eaten in forever) - 1,5portion egg white oatmeal & chocolate casein. Topped with almonds and milk (afterwards) and 1 boiled egg (was too full to eat the other).
   My taste buds are rejoicing.... i had forgotten how delicious oatmeal is, but now i just want to eat it all the time. How could i have gone this long - several weeks without eating oatmeal? It's funny how i get attached to something because it's so delicious and eat it all the time and then suddenly i eat one of my old favourites and its like an explosion of taste and yumminess in my mouth!!! From now on its going to be oatmeal several times a day because its so delicious and i cant get enough (& topped with casein which i havent eaten since autumn last year!!!)

Do you have any breakfast favourites at the moment? :)


  1. I had my 4hour essay writing last year and i know exactly how stressful it can be. Especially when your mind is just blank. But once its over, its all good:D

  2. Oh I know these feelings of not having enough time in exams :( I am always in such a hurry then, but I am sure you will make it very well ;) soo I wish you much luck for this one :)
    Awwwww*_* and your breakfast looks so delicious :) I also love oatmeal, but today I had some pretzel with Nutella, which just feeeeeelt like heaven =) and of course some coffeeeeeee *_* as well ;)