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Monday, March 23, 2015

Is sugar bad?

This question is so hard when it comes to answering it on here. Because the fact is many suffering with an eating disorder do fear sugar and it feels like if i write or say the wrong thing then it will just make you even more paranoid and scared.

But the truth is, sugar is not the most optimal. Pretty much all research shows this. HOWEVER lets all think context as well. Say if someone with diabetes has very low blood sugar, then they need insulin or to eat some chocolate or drink some cola. And that doesnt make it bad.

What is bad is the amount of sugar that is added to most foods. We dont think about it and cant always escape it. Sugar is like an addiction, it make people addicted. Hence why there is infact a thing called sugar addiction and i have suffered from it. Breaking the cycle and addiction is like trying to stop drinking caffeine, or stop drinking diet soda or stop smoking. It leads to withdrawl, bad mood, irritation, anger, cravings etc and its not an easy addiction to break.

Too much of anything isnt good. Just like you shouldnt drink alcohol everyday or drink 6+ cups of coffee everyday or smoke a whole package everyday (really you shouldnt smoke at all). This is the same for sugar, you dont need sugar everyday. Like with alcohol, once in a while you might take a drink or two, but it doesnt have to be an everyday thing.

Its important to have balance with food to eat complex carbs such as oatmeal, sweet potatoe, beans, quinoa, whole grains etc and lean protein such as chicken, tuna, turkey, tofu, eggs/egg whites and healthy fats like nuts, avocado, oils, salmon, egg yolk. And if you have those type of non processed foods as your base to your diet then eating things like donuts, chocolate, ice cream, granola etc now and again isnt a bad thing.
 Some people would argue that you dont need sugar in your diet at all and i am not going to argue against this however i can say that for myself i would NEVER give up sugar. I love chocolate too much and yes, foods with sugar is delicious. But too much of it isnt delicious. I have my balance with sugar and sweet foods. I dont need to eat them everyday, i have overcome my sugar addiction and can now eat those foods in moderation and know that when i crave them i eat them in normal amounts.... or sometimes i eat them to an extreme, i am only human :) Some people cant control how they eat when they eat certain foods so for them it works to just eliminate those types of foods. However i do believe that chocolate and ice cream is good for my soul, and once again its about balance :)

You dont need to be scared of sugar. The only real damage is if your diet has a very high sugar content and you arent so physically active. But let me also remind you that when you are in recovery you are NOT THE SAME as someone who is healthy/normal. In recovery you DO eat more sweet food. This can be to help you gain weight (though it is NOT recommended to binge/Over eat on sweet stuff just to gain weight quickly), but also it helps you overcome your fears which is what you need to do in recovery. But also that no, you shouldnt exercise while trying to gain weight or recover. But dont worry about these two things right now.

When and if you are a healthy weight then focus on balance... dont be scared of sugar. It is ok now and again, whether that means twice a week for you or a little bit of chocolate everyday or once every 2 weeks, that is different for everybody.

What is more harmful to you is your fear. Your fear of sugar and anything that has sugar will do you more damage than just eating that slice of cake. It is the fear and the thoughts that will eat you up from the inside out, that will cause you anxiety and fear. Instead eat that slice of cake or tub of ice cream, enjoy it. Let your body have that energy and know that now you have extra energy for whatever it is you are doing in life :)

Now i know people have different views about sugar, but this is mine - that everything in moderation. Keep your diet a wholesome one in the base and then a few treats here and there wont harm your health in anyway unless you have some illness which means you have to eliminate/decrease certain foods.


  1. Can u have a post on how u overcame ur sugar addiction ?

    1. Ive written this post:

      Hope that helps :)